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9/22/12 2:44 A

When you are working out, instead of keeping your feet glued to the pedals, lift them up as in running. In fact, I like to consider the elliptical workout a type of running (like running in mud) and do it as if I am running. Then you won't have any numbness in your feet. The numbness results from applying pressure over a small area all the time for too long. If you lift your feet periodically, it won't happen.

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9/21/12 7:41 P

avoiding numbness on the elliptical is a matter of tying your shoes looser, and periodically wriggling your toes inside the shoes.

9/21/12 7:18 P

I am currently using Nike Shox, which I had read on a message board were great for Elliptical Use.

My feet are sore and numb when finished.

I have read the tips on Sparkpages on how to ease the pain.

I would like to know what shoes others use and are happy with.

Thank you

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