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Hi, Sharon, and welcome to SparkPeople, a wonderful community of supportive participants who care for one another and their progress and concerns. emoticon - emoticon - emoticon - emoticon (and many more countries).
There are groups of like-minded individuals who help one another to lose weight and become more active, even with existing health conditions. How do you investigate and find a group that "feels right" for you? Well, in the SparkPeople community, these groups are called SparkTeams. From the top of most pages, select "Community", and then select SparkTeams.
I think that you would call your concerns "medical conditions". Follow this link:

Best wishes as you further your lifestyle goals! InSh8p

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I have joined today and live in the UK. Unfortunately I have a lot of health problems so I am concerned about managing the exercise side of things. As well as scoliosis of the spine I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Some days are better than others, and I do have a running machine and an exercise bike at home that I can use. The problem I have is that I am concerned that I will make things worse in my condition and wreck my mobility further. Has anyone else got the same sort of problems and has any exercises they might think are suitable? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Sharon

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