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6/26/12 9:58 A

It looks like those aren't calculating properly and the tech team will be working on that to have it corrected. Currently it looks like it is only calculating points for specific exercise entries that are 5 minutes or longer (so if you have exercises that are 4 minutes or less, it isn't counting those). We will be updating that to count it through the total number for the day though instead of per exercise.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for your patience as we correct it!

Coach Denise

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6/25/12 5:16 P

So, today I tracked 95 minutes of exercise- 5 minutes of stretching, 60 minutes of biking, and 30 minutes of strength training. However, my SparkPoints page says I only earned 14 points for this... It says I earn 1 point every 5 minutes, so even if we exclude the stretching after my exercise, I still should've gotten 4 more points for a total of 18.

Do they count strength exercises differently? Like 10 minutes = 1 point?

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