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4/27/12 10:52 P

"I am apple shaped so even though I've lost 20 pounds I'm still wearing the same pants size.. "

I am a pear; I have lost 25 pounds and I am still wearing the same pants size.
All shapes have similar issues!

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4/27/12 6:55 P

As Conquergravity already said, you can't spot-reduce parts of your body you don't like.

Doing those strength exercises will improve the appearance of the fat you do have, but it won't draw fat from the surrounding muscles. That's because your muscles pull energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores!

4/27/12 6:10 P

There are no exercises that target fat loss in a particular part of the body. Fat loss happens wherever your body decides it is going to happen based on overall caloric burn. Doing cardio and general strength training lead to fat loss, but there's no way to force your body to let it go from a particular area.

You can always do strength training to target your core, and you should be doing those kinds of exercises anyway, but they won't make your belly fat go away, just form muscle underneath it.

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4/27/12 5:41 P

I do not strength train as often as I should. I feel like I spend all of my free time recently gardening, house cleaning, or shopping when I am not at work! With that being said.. I would love some advice on exercises that target the midsection of the body!!! I am apple shaped so even though I've lost 20 pounds I'm still wearing the same pants size.. even though they are loose in the legs and fit more comfortably.. the waist of the same size pants still fits me.. sometimes a belt is needed. :) Thanks!

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