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7/20/12 6:55 P

The problem with working out every single day for two hours or more is that you're not giving your body a chance to rest. Rest days are when your body gets stronger; even pro athletes have rest days!

What happens is you start to break your body down instead of building it up. You risk burnout, injury and more. Being young isn't a good excuse to to abuse your body... you have to take care of it, because running it into the ground now will make it more difficult to recover lately.

BECAUSE you're young, you need to be just as careful.

Oh, and to answer your original question, here's the expert answer that explains why you've gained weight:

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7/20/12 6:48 P

If you are eating better and working out to just lose weight... good chance you wont stay motivated. I get really motivated when the scale drops in my favor, but over all I keep reminding myself that I am eating healthier, not eating any junk that will have an adverse effect on my body, and I am getting healthier. The scale will catch up with you and me both eventually... and it has with me, dropping 5#'s in the last 2 days. That's still a far cry from where I feel I should be at with everything I have been doing, but I feel so much better, I can fit into clothes I havent worn in almost 11 years and my mother in law just told me she noticed I walked straight through our sliding glass door, I didnt turn sideways like I used to do... it's the little things that you need to keep an eye on to keep you going... then the rest will get there eventually. Like my mama used to say, "Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves." :)

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7/20/12 5:21 P

Think swelling of muscles and retaining water.
This will pass. Just go for the long haul.
Celebrate the significant change in behavior.

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7/20/12 4:41 P

Why is there something wrong with working out for 2 hours? I'm confused lol

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,413
7/20/12 4:34 P

"Luann, two hours is something I can do easily. I'm only 25."

Not the point! But that's okay...

PS - Age is irrelevant. I am 57 and can do it easily also. But I don't.

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7/20/12 4:21 P

Thanks everyone. It's hard but I'm doing everything I can to not give up. Luann, two hours is something I can do easily. I'm only 25. Lol

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7/20/12 4:16 P

Give it time. A new exercise program can sometimes cause you to retain water. Stick with it and those pounds will eventually disappear from the scale.

7/20/12 4:08 P

It hasn't even been a week yet, give it some time. Your weight will rise and fall sometimes on factors that have nothing to do with how "good" you are being. Don't let the scale dictate how you feel about yourself. It's only one messure, and probably not the best one at that.
Don't give up, find something else that motivates you. I would be willing to bet it's getting easier to complete those work outs, how does that make you feel?

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,413
7/20/12 4:03 P

Exercise can add water weight, no doubt about it!

You know, up to 2 hours a day is NOT something you can continue for the rest of your life... plus you risk injury.
Weight loss is 80% nutrition.
Unless you get the calories in control, the weight won't drop.

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7/20/12 3:29 P

I joined the gym this past Sunday and have been working out EVERY day since then. I do cardio for at least an hour sometimes close to 2. I've gained 2lbs! How am I supposed to stay motivated when I eat right & work out yet gain weight? Ugh! I'm so frustrated!

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