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4/15/12 3:07 P

All computers cache. If you vew a web page and then return to it, often you don't see the latest version of that page fresh from the actual web server - you see your computer's memory of what you saw last time. This could explain why points 'aren't showing' - especially if you checked the points page first before doing said activities.

Ctrl+F5 forces your computer to abandon its cache of that page and go contact the web server and ask what that page should look like right now instead.

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4/15/12 2:01 P

I never tried Control f5 - I don't know what that is. But if you share the information about what it does, I certainly will try it. I never touch any of the F buttons unless someone suggests it - I have no one to help with computer issues, and some things mess up - and I would have no clue how to fix them. It took me DAYS AND DAYS when I accidently made my toolbars hide and I could not find them again. I finally had to download entire new search engines. And start all over trying to remember what my favorites once were.

I am on a different computer at a hotel business center today - and it is happening again. (But I managed to get 2 points for about 12 articles, so far) And I will go back and check my points for yesterday to see if they ever showed up.

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4/15/12 9:32 A

I'm sorry we're not able to offer any additional help than the suggestions we've given you. We can't log into your FB or Twitter accounts to investigate any further, but we've been unable to replicate the issue on our end as far as we can take it (with our own accounts, etc.) My advice would be to try from another computer or perhaps just move on and focus on other areas of SparkPoints.

Coach Jen

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4/14/12 10:06 P

Have you tried a Ctrl+F5 on the points page? Have you tried signing in again two hours later and seeing if it's there? Or the next day?

Sometimes we don't see updates immediately, even if they're actually happening. Is it possible you're getting the points, just not immediately? (Even though they should be immediate).

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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4/14/12 9:38 P

And I STILL did not get the three points. Every one of the Likes made the number go up - every one of the tweets said I could see it on Twitter. Why is this happening? Can someone sign in as me and investigate? (I will give a staff person my twitter and facebook and spark people info - in a private message) if that would possibly help find out why I can't get these points to register. I have used six different computers over a period of time - and that makes no difference. So I guess it's my connection within my account, or something. Although - I am NOT the only person who has posted on this subject. And a lot of people just don't complain.
I still haven't given up on that last point. But I WANT HELP on this!

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