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4/9/13 12:10 A

So...I'm confused. You say that you started Sparking to get your body fat percentage down, but then you get frustrated when you get smaller but don't lose weight?

You do know that you're getting smaller because you are replacing fat with muscle...and are therefore getting your body fat percentage down...right?

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4/8/13 8:45 A

Weight loss takes time and it isn't the same for everyone. It is possible to lose inches even when the scale doesn't change because your body composition is changing, but the scale doesn't recognize the difference between muscle and fat. How are you having your body fat percentage checked? Are you tracking your foods as well? Tracking your foods will be a big help in seeing how much you are actually eating. It is easy to over estimate and under estimate what we eat if we aren't tracking,s o if you aren't, I would recommend doing so.

Coach Denise

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4/8/13 12:24 A

Please stop Sabotaging yourself .... that will not help, and either will eating girl scout cookies..and don't let eating those little extra girl scout cookies be your excuse for not loosing... sounds as if you are an emotional eater too.. things don't go the way you wish and poof there's trigger food.. (you sound like me LOL)

Just remember, we didn't gain weight over night and it doesn't get lost that way either.. its not the biggest looser contest and getting caught up on high expectations and fad diets of loosing 20lbs in a few weeks thing.. it only seems its a contest with ourselves and if things aren't exact then we just beat ourselves up later.

it sounds your doing the right things of eating and exercising, and the main thing is tracking.. are you keeping track of everything you eat including the cookies? to loose even 1.5lbs a week there must be a 500-1000 deficit in calories and that is after your work out. If you are working out that much, you must eat more.. I found out I was 800 calories below of what I was supposed to be at. My calories are 7x of what I weight and I change that on a weekly I have to add an extra 500 calories a day due to my exersise.. I burn 1094 for my work outs. so I have to add extra too on top of that..

Don't be hard on yourself and take your mind off from being so obsessive of loosing the weight, think positive and put your mind on the track of good can do this.. put your mind on getting more healthier for the lifetime and just not for June.. I am in the same boat right now as you are wanting to get 20lbs down but in the mean time, just remember to be nice to yourself... if your clothes are fitting better or differently, those are what I call non scale victories... that's a great thing... the scale is just one way to measure your goals. People tell me all the time.. you look great, how much have you lost... reality.. not even 2lbs, but its the inches that are melting and as long as I am going down on inches or weight, I am good with that!

It's not just the junk food either you must stay away from its the other processed foods that are bad..also if your water intake is lower than 8 glasses, you won't drop either..the avg is about 9 cups a day.. (usually one glass an hr)..

Breath and start over things will fall into place.. :-)) Good luck to you!

I am sure other sparkies will add their two cents in as well!

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4/7/13 9:54 P

I've started working out in January with the goal to drop 18 lbs and to get my body fat down to 20% (I'm currently at 30). I've been working out pretty consistently 5 days a week. I've been trying to mix it up a bit with some cardio (usually elliptical but I do a 60 min Zumba class on Sunday's), I do a Pilates class on Monday's, a PiYo class on Saturday's, and during the week I do weight training about 2 - 3 days with about 20 minutes of cardio. I haven't dropped any weight nor dropped any body fat. But I do notice a difference in the way my clothes fit. WTH??? Why aren't I dropping any weight? My diet is not bad at all either. I pretty much stay away from the junk food but lately because I've been getting so discouraged I find myself nibbling on some Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies. :( My goal was to lose it before I went on vacation in June but now I'm starting to wonder why should I bother. I don't know what to do at this point....

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