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JICKEE Posts: 586
9/8/12 11:25 A

This weeks starting lineup, a few mistakes next week will be better.

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
Johnson, Chris TEN RB
Wilson, David NYG RB
Austin, Miles DAL WR
Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR
Hernandez, Aaron NEP TE
Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK
Bears, Chicago CHI Def

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9/4/12 9:34 A

fair analysis. Similiar reasons for why I waited until the 6th round to get a QB. After the top 3, who knows who will emerege? And there really won't be much of a gap around them.

Although I still like having a solid RB base. They are just the most consistent week to week (unless they get hurt...) A WR can have one big 80yd touchdown one week, then only get 40 yards for two weeks, then go big again.

Right now, I've got either Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart, or Torrey Smith to start in my FLEX spot. Up until now, AP kept saying he'd be 100% by week one, now they're saying he's a game time decision which means at most he'd be splitting carries with Gerhart. Thinking the young WR from Baltimore might be the better option, but Gerhart is pretty much guaranteed 70 yards and a TD I feel. I hate making these decisions

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9/3/12 11:44 A

Assuming traditional scoring, I think this year will be the year of the "WR/TE" -- and I'll tell you why--

Over the last few years, leagues have been largely QB and RB centric -- but if we look at the elite QBs, (Brady, Brees, Rodgers) the remaining list is largely homogeneous. Manning may be back, Ryan is a quality play, Will Vick finish a season, Is Cam Newton for real etc.

And then in the RB side, many of the high yardage backs are not the TD getters any longer and the strong RBs, based on last year, aren't that well distinguished from the rest -- running back by committee is killing the fantasy stats there.

So I think the really strong receiver/receiving TE might be the difference maker this year. A few standouts last year had as many or more TDs than their RB counterparts and produced yardage even in bad weeks. With more teams adopting a Grahm/Gronk approach, it could be well worth focusing on picking your WR early and holding off until round 3 to pick your RB.

Just my two cents. I'm by no means an expert, but happy to hear your thoughts...

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8/30/12 11:12 A

So here's what my actual team looks like... It got annoying to do because half the drafters didn't log in so ESPN auto-draft went for them which doesn't have much programming in it other than take the top player available if you still need that position so it stunk for us actually drafting. My receivers are horrible, but if my RBs stay healthy I think they look good.

QB- Matt Ryan, Atl
RB- Ray Rice, Bal
RB- Jamaal Charles, KC
FLEX- Adrian Peterson, MN
WR- Brandon Lloyd, NE
WR- Percy Harvin, MN
TE- Jacob Tamme, Den
D- Jets
K- Mike Nugent, Cin

WR- Torrey Smith, Bal
RB- Toby Gerhart, MN
WR- Reggie Wayne, IND
WR- Jon Baldwin, KC
RB- Mike Goodson, Oak
QB- Matt Cassel, KC
WR- Brian Quick, Stl

I also will have to use waivers or trade for another kicker, D, and TE by their bye weeks. Hoping one or two of the extra RBs and WRs I picked start to shine by then

SUMMRS1 Posts: 7
8/25/12 3:09 P

A lot of it depends on how your scoring is set for the league. For my league, top QBs are a premium, so those usually go first and then RBs.

I do like Matt Ryan at QB. He generally doesn't go very high, but I think he has great potential. I wanted to get him as my backup QB, but he got taken 2 picks before I was going to take him.

Good luck.

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8/24/12 8:28 A

Wondering if any guys in here just want to chat about fantasy football throughout the fall. I've got my draft with co-workers coming up on Tues. As a convo starter, I did a mock snake draft on ESPN from 9th position out of 12 for practice. How do I look? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

1) RB, Chris Johnson, Ten
2) RB, Marshawn Lynch, SEA (regretting this one, but any thing else would have been a big reach)
3) WR, Mike Wallace, PIT
4) FLEX, Darren Sproles, NO
5) QB, Matt Ryan, ATL
6) WR, Eric Decker, DEn
7) RB, Kevin Smith, Det
(^^^reached a little on these, but they wouldn't have made it to me next go round and I'd really like them in the mid rounds)
8) WR, Robert Meechum, SD
9) WR, Anquan Boldin, Bal
10) QB, Alex Smith, SF
11) RB, Pierre Thomas, NO
12) Mike Goodson, Oak
13) TE, Coby Fleener, IND
14) TE, Kyle Rudolph, Min
15) K Matt Bryant, Atl
16) D, Minnesota Vikings

So that's the team I had. At the end I had the train of thought that young QBas like hitting big, smart TEs so that's why I went with those two, even tho they weren't as high on ESPN.

And I'm thinking about playing an add/drop matchup defense this year, but not sure yet. If I did, I'd take Min to start since they play Jax wk 1 and IND wk 2 and Luck won't be in mid-season form yet.


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