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Other factors could be alcohol which is 7 calories per gram, and may not be listed, and Insoluble fiber which doesn't get absorbed into your body, so may be counted as a carb, but not in calories, or vice versa.

Labeling is pretty bad, but it is uniform. Just find a set point at which you lose, and stick to it. weight loss X time = success. If you are losing, don't change a thing.

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Thank you.

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The macronutrients aren't exactly 4 or 9 calories per gram. They just give you whole numbers so the math is easier.

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I am confused. The info on the Creamy Cinnamon Cups on pg 153 of Spark Solutions does not add up. Fat 5.1 g X 9 = 45. Carbs 23.1 g and Protein 6.7 g is 30 X 4 = 120. This 165 is not even close to the 199 calories. Could you help me understand?

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