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KELEKONA Posts: 605
2/22/12 9:38 A

I'm really into peasant food, or rather buying the cheapest ingredients from scratch.

There is something where I can't decide if cacciatore or hunter's stew is a more appropriate term. I use bone-in chicken leg quarters, bone-in thighs, or I prepare the thighs so that I can pull the bones away easily. If you're wanting to use breasts, leave the skin and bones on until it's almost done cooking.

Pretty much, I wander the produce section for whatever handful of veggies are cheap and go together. I rarely use live tomatoes, so either a can of crushed or part of a tube of tomato paste. Cook everything in a frying pan, then add raw orzo and liquid at the end.

My other favorite is to get a "thrift cut" of pork or beef. I line the bottom of a crock pot with potatoes and other root vegetables, throw in the meat, then toss some onions and herbs on top.

2/21/12 4:48 P

Made this last night and thought it was great-I put the chicken in for my 7 year old but it would be just as good without it.

This is my craving pasta recipe-I leave the scallops out most of the time-I live in the midwest and they're usually high priced and not that great.

This is my all time favorite soup recipe-I could eat it every day and it's insanely hearty and delicious.

I like to try new stuff too-I've got a few staples that I rely on but I try to try a least 1-2 new recipes every week. Lol-some days I'm more ambitious than others!

LULU8278 Posts: 313
2/21/12 2:55 P

Stir fry. I tend to make mine with soy sauce, but sometimes I'll use other seasonings or sauces. I like them since they are so quick and versatile. I usually serve mine with shirataki or rice noodles, but sometimes will throw it over brown rice or no carb at all. My typical proteins are either shrimp, chicken or tofu, but I also use lean thin steak slices or pork. I love playing around with different veggies and protein combinations.

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2/21/12 10:43 A

Laughs, that depends who is controlling the menu!!

M adores salmon. So his favorite (at the moment) is fresh salmon marinated in tumeric & sweet paprkia, seared in a pan with a little roasted garlic & ginger, then roasted in the oven until just for tender, served alongside fresh bell peppers or sugar snap peas for crunch, oven crisped potatoes, what we call mouth crack broccoli (broccoli oven roasted with garlic and topped with parmesan cheese), and something low cal but creamy for after.

My oldest is a fan of roasted meat and potatoes. Garlic/rosemary crusted pork loin, a spinach salad with fresh berries & ginger dressing, rosemary roasted potatoes, and some wonderfully simple roasted apples.

My youngest is a big fan of pho. Lean beef covered in veggies cooked in a flavorful beef broth, hot rice's a meal in a dish. We season with fresh basil, cilantro, lime, a little chili, a little tamarind sauce, and sprouts.

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2/18/12 2:25 P

Like to try new thing so im wondering what ur favorite meal is :?)

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