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3/15/11 4:09 P

Change is always challenging which is why taking things one step at a time, adopting one healthy habit at a time and exercising in moderation are so important.

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3/15/11 1:54 P

The scale is not the only way to measure success. How your clothes fit, how you feel about doing this journey helps to. Remember, losing slowly is a good thing, instead of dropping to much at a time. Sure we all wish we could lose weith fast, but in reality, we are all different and our bodies react differently to losing weight. I myself, haven't lost a lot of weight yet but I'm eating a lot healthier and exercising more than I did for several years. I also take way to many medications each day for many ailments and know some are hindering weight loss---but stick with the journey, your body will benefit immensely---even if the scale says otherwise.

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3/15/11 10:27 A

You are starting out much faster than I did with your first pound lost in the first two weeks.
I did not lose MY first pound until six weeks into the program.

Great job!

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3/15/11 9:54 A

Like Jeff, I work on strengthening & toning.
I suggest measuring your arms, thighs, etc.
You should see the numbers change in a couple of months.

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3/13/11 10:27 A

More to getting healthy than a number on a scale. Weight loss will come if you keep going. You are probably toning right now. This is why you should do all the body measurements, not just weight.

I applaud you for deciding to change your life with SP!


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3/13/11 8:58 A

Thank you Rose. You gave me a boost. emoticon

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3/13/11 8:34 A

Hang in there! It will happen...just keep doing whatcha been doing! You'll get where you want to go!


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3/13/11 8:12 A

I'm not doing much as I'm having a medical problem that is keeping me pretty much inactive. I have cut way down on portions, quit junk food, drinking plenty of water, eating more veggies than ever. Cut back on red meat. I eat Fish. I can't eat Pork at all and I detest Chicken, so I really have to pay attention. I just started SP 2 weeks ago, so maybe things aren't bad. I was hoping to see at least 2 lbs gone will keep going tho. You all at SP help. I keep reading and it gives me encouragement. emoticon

60SIXTY Posts: 24,926
3/13/11 7:41 A

You don't say what you have been doing.
Are you weighing and measuring your food?
Are you eating in the suggested calorie range?
Are you exercising & if so how much?

check this article

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3/12/11 9:20 A

I feel like I'm getting no place. I have lost 1 lb. I tell myself that is a start. Having a hard time believing it. Any suggestions???

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