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Hi Linnie,

You can do this, however, I see on your SparkPage that you have type I diabetes that poses it's own set of challenges. It is very difficult for our members and experts to offer specific dietary advice for you. My suggestion is to see if your university/college offers dietary advice through your school's health department. This will allow you to meet one on one with a Registered Dietitian or nutritionist who can guide you through the process as what foods are best for you.

Coach Nancy

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One thing can do is keep fresh fruit on hand. Go to the local supermarket and buy whatever is on sale. stock up on pears, apples, oranges, grapes, etc... all of those are great options for snacks. Do you have a small dorm room frig ? If so, buy some luncheon meats like sliced lean ham, chicken or turkey. Make yourself a healthy sandwich using whole wheat bread, the lean meat as well as fresh tomatoes. Most people don't know this, but you don't have to refrigerate tomatoes.

oh and if you find yourself eating at fast food places, there are healthy options to be had. you might find this article helpful.

Also, do you have a meal plan at school or are you on your own ? If you have a meal plan, check out what the cafeteria is offering. Most schools offer healthy meals these days.

And the big one, do you drink ? I know what it's like in college. Do be mindful of how much you drink. The more a person drinks, the less likely they'll be mindful of what they eat. Calories in beer add up fast.

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Here is a link for the 100-Calorie Snack Packs you may enjoy:-)


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O.K. ..... I know that it can be hard to get back on the wagon after a holiday, but it CAN be done! Just start off with baby steps. Have that talk with your Mum and I am sure that she will come to the party again. You know, after reading about the egg white, there is no reason why you can't eat egg YOLK too - they have a lot of healthy nutrients in them. Just don't go over-dosing on them.

There are lots of things that you can take for your lunch - all you need do is sit and think about it. I make healthy sandwiches, slice up some apple and put in a little bag, take a piece of banana, and take a pot of reduced-fat yoghurt (but make sure that it is also not high in sugar) and that will often do me quite well. Perhaps throwing in a small handful of nuts and a couple pieces of dried fruit would be good for emergency snacking. I have healthy meat patties (made with added lentils/veges) in the freezer and will often take one of them out to thaw during the day. They are great between a couple slices of good quality bread and Avocado (as the spread). I am sure if you think about it you will think of many other things you can do/take! For the summer I have a little chilly bag which helps to keep my food cool. If it is really hot and I am going to be in the car a lot (without working air conditioner) a little freezer block helps with that, OR a small bottle of water, so I have that to sip on to help stay cool, too.

Are your friends able to have a "Picnic Day" rather than "Restaurant" - it is a heap cheaper on the pocket, and lots healthier. They may also enjoy the fact that it gives you more time to chat/walk after your meal.

Ensure that you are eating enough - a lot of people tend to UNDEReat or eat the very bare minimum, and think that skipping meals is helpful - it has a negative impact on our attempts at weight loss, tho'! Make sure that you talk with your mum and if need be, SHOW her what the portion sizes are. It may be that you would be better buying a smaller dinner plate (9" diameter) if you don't have one, and suggest that THAT is the one you would like to use! Below are a couple links - you may want to print them off to show her because a LOT of people think a serving size is a LOT bigger than it actually is!

Good luck - you CAN do this, and remember - start again with baby steps :-)


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I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this or not, because I don't really feel like the lost-ness I'm feeling is really something that can be helped by anyone by myself. But anyway, I was doing great...three weeks ago. I had lost 7 pounds after 4 weeks of healthy living, and then my family went on vacation. Needless to say, it got hard to try and pick the healthy things while we were eating three meals a day at a fast food restaurant, to pass up an ice cream cone while it was 110-degrees outside...and really just to resist all of those temptations while I was on vacation. I thought to myself, "It's okay Lindsay, you can enjoy yourself this week and this just get back to healthy living after you get back home"...except I never got back to it. It's really not something you can just stop doing for a few days and expect that you can go back to it just like that, especially with the start of college just around the corner. It's also hard because since I had stopped "dieting" per say, during that week, when we got back home my mom seemed to think that I had stopped trying to eat healthy for good, and she's not even trying to have healthy options in the house. When I told her when I first started, she offered to get me oatmeal and egg whites in a carton and tons of fruit and I was so grateful for that! Now I feel like she thinks I'm not even trying to eat healthy...

Breakfast really hasn't been an issue for me, I'm usually fine until lunch time...really because I don't know what kind of things to pack that are healthy, or because I'm going out to lunch with my friends (which honestly, isn't to great on my wallet either) but because I'm new to making friends at college I feel like all these hangout times are SUPER important! I'm a pretty shy person and I feel like if I don't make friends now I'll never make friends at all. Which is probably a total lie I'm telling myself!

So I guess some helpful things would be healthy lunches I could pack easily in the morning, that don't necessarily need to be refridgerated (I live off campus but I stay on campus all day so I don't have to drive back and forth), and ways to not eat quite so much at dinner, even though I'm being served about two portion sizes. I guess the simple thing would be to just eat half of it...but then my mom assumes I don't like it and I feel guilty leaving any food on my plate. I don't know what to do!

Maybe I just needed to vent, perhaps I should start journaling or something :)

Thanks guys! You are all wonderful people and I'm so happy I've found such a supportive community.

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