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3/11/12 10:46 A

If you are anywhere near Wahoo, Nebraska, they had some awesome stuff and went up to like a 26, I think. And nothing is over $350 :-)... I found my size 18 there and they had some designer stuff as well. emoticon It wasn't the same old same old, I kept finding they were unique and different and made for us girls with a bit of a weight issue :-/ Good luck on your search! :-)

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3/9/12 2:29 P

hope those help!

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3/8/12 9:00 P

Google Mormon Wedding Dresses, even if you are not Mormon. I find them very nice and modest. I am sure that you could find one with 3/4 length sleeves.

Or if that doesn't work. Ask your bridal consultant about adding a Bolero Jacket or shrug to a dress.

You can even ask that sleeves be added to your dress.

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3/8/12 4:14 P

Non-strapless dresses can be tricky to find but luckily thanks to Kate Middleton, sleeves are totally making a comeback! I don't know your price range, but I think these two dresses are just so beautiful and they come in your size:

also check out Bonny Bridal, they have lots of New Jersey boutiques:

And they have some beautiful (non-matronly looking) gowns with 3/4 sleeves:

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3/4/12 5:29 P

I just went into a regular bridal store for me when I was a size 24. They had all sizes, from a size 0 (oh dear god, are there seriously people that skinny and 5'10 tall?!?) and bigger sizes than me. Just try not to go more than 4 sizes smaller pushing it. A saleslady pushed a size 14 on me, I even told her, don't you know...kinda thing, she still pressured me to try it on, I think I kinda ripped the dress, plus I am sure I looked funny wearing the dress over top of me, with my arms flaying all over the place because I couldn't see where I was going. you could always call beforehand just to make sure you don't waste your and their time.

Hope this helps.

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3/4/12 3:22 P

Does anyone have any suggestions on boutiques or stores for plus size wedding gowns? I'm probably going to be an 18-20. I absolutely hate my upper arms and would like a three quarter sleeve type dress. This is proving to be insanely hard to find without the dress looking matronly. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I live in South NJ. I'm so stressed. Every time I look at wedding gowns I get sad and weepy, as opposed to happy and excited. Every beautiful wedding dress I see is sleeveless; and, I know that I can't go arms are too yucky from weight loss, lack of toning and stretch marks. I want to be able to cover them without looking frumpy. I'm nearing my first real meltdown with this wedding.


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