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10/15/12 1:52 P

My husband and I both work full time...with 2 boys 5 & 10. I also have an hour commute to and from work.
We have an exercise bike that we use during the evening after dinner. My husband uses it while I am getting the boys ready for bed....then I use it after they are down for the night and he is making lunches for the next day.
On the weekends we try to be active as a family. We did just get a membership to our local YMCA, so are going to do the open swim there.
There are days that it seems like we are running constantly. I just try to remind myself that it is for the best that I make the effort to work out so I have more energ to get everything done that I need to!

ALEX29JAB Posts: 26
10/14/12 10:16 P

So I am a single mom with a beautiful 4 yr old. I work full time and she goes to pre-k and stays for after care. I just started sparkspeople and am planing to run a 5k in 5 weeks :). I workout at the gym, they have free child care until 8 pm. The key for me is to have a dinner prepared the day before gym days so that I wont be tempted to get fast food or eat something crazy. The hardest thing for me is going to be balancing my demanding job (I usually start working again at 9 pm at night until 12 am or 1 am only to wake up at 6 for the real 8-5 hours). I am worried I wont be able to keep on top of all the work I am expected to get done. But I really need to cut back on working at night so that I can focus on my personal health, fitness, and nutrition. Wish me luck!

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10/11/12 8:11 P

While I have a membership, I haven't used it in many years. When I started back in Feb. I just stuck to the plan and focused more on intake than anything else. That doesn't take as much time as many folks want to say it does. As far as exercise, I only work out 3 days per week and I started with about 1 hours per session and am now doing 1.5 hours. I do both my cardio and ST on the same day. I lost 40 lbs and am getting back into great shape. So it doesn't take as much time or effort as so many make it out to take.

Having the kids and other schedule can and usually are the biggest issues. I totally understand that and went through it as we raised our kids. But after actually getting serious and doing this, I now know I could have done it then too had I really wanted to. I just used them as excuses NOT to. So just find the time and you can do it. You may have to miss a couple hours of watching TV, but that's about it.

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10/10/12 9:16 P

My hubby and I both work full time. The only time I have for myself is when the kids's needs are all met at the end of the day. THEN I get to work out.
I feel tired most times, but just putting in the effort is a start. You need motivation to get moving. If you can find the time, get out! If you can't find the time for a work out, then don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe things will ease up in a couple weeks and you'll be able to have some more personal time.
Good luck! I hope you manage the time for you!

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10/10/12 10:08 A

I work full time outside the home, as does my husband, and we have two kids. My husband gets up at 4 am. He leaves for the gym by 4:45. I get up at 4:30. I do DVDs or BeFit in 90 on YouTube or the treadmill and/or use the weight set up we have in the basement. My kids are still sleeping at this point, although the 3 year old sometimes is wide away around 5 or needs ot be soothed back to sleep. I log my workout, then usually hit the shower around 5:45-6:00. I get dressed, get the 3 year old up and dressed, get her a small snack and get my lunch and hubby's lunch packed, if I didn't do it the night before, then I eat breakfast. At some point we wake up the beast, I mean my 11 year old) and she starts to get herself ready. My husband is home by 6:45, and we're out the door together (we carpool) with the little one by 7:15. (During cross country season, I took the 11 year old to school at 6:45 for 7 am practices some days before returning home to leave for work.)

We usually get home around 5:10 pm and I make dinner. I was going to an evening class sometimes, but I definitely prefer morning workouts because I know for sure it will get done. So, that's how I fit it in and make it consistent. I get up before my kids.

It canbe done at home. I do not have a gym membership, and I have not the entire time I've been on this journey. I've had a class pass here and there and used that (but not in at least 6 months) and have used a guest pass to go with my husband 3-4 times in the past year, or used a hotel fitness room if travelling, but the majority of my workouts (like 99% of them) are at home. I also found that nutrition was key, exercise just a "helper", if you will.

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10/9/12 2:55 P

Hi! I am a working mom, I work part-time and my hubby works full time. We have a 5.5 and a 2.5 year old. One is in kindergarten, and the other in preschool 3 days a week. I have set my workout days to be when my daughter is in preschool, but what do you do when they have days off, or are sick on those days? I don't wanna not do my workouts, but with my hubby leaving for work at 6am, coming home from work at 4 and me leaving for work at 4:30 and not getting home till 11pm, I can't always find the time. I live in BC, Canada, so we are heading into our winter, and we do not have drop-in daycares of any sort. I don't have any family or friends that can help. Very hard to lose weight when you are stuck at home. I have tried DVD's and dance marathons with the kids. Anyways..what do you guys do? Any suggestions! :)

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