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3/26/12 2:15 P

You need to prioritize taking care of yourself just like you prioritize your exams. You can take five minutes out of your day to eat some breakfast, and take a half hour break from studying to get some exercise. That will probably make it easier to focus on studying when you come back to it, anyways.

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3/26/12 12:00 P

You need to make eating a priority; set an alarm on your watch, an alert on gcal, something, and make yourself eat.

Your brain and your body both need the proper fuel to function properly. See if you can fit in a little light exercise, too; after studying for an hour, stop, and take five minutes to move around, stretch, breathe.

If you deny your brain the fuel it needs to function, you're not going to do as well on your exams. Focus on three things, and make them a priority:

1) Eat! Balanced nutrition, not just a quick burger, either.
2) Move! Cramping your body up over a book is terrible for your well being, and moving gets the blood flowing and oxygen to your brain.
3) Sleep! Your brain can't function at its best without rest. Do what it takes, but get the sleep you need. Staying up all night studying won't make you learn more, it'll make it harder to remember what you HAVE learned.

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3/26/12 11:26 A

I'm a college student too and while I empathize, I just can't really relate. Atleast you're eating something but it doesn't really take that long to make breakfast. Eggs scramble fast. You can also boil them and put them in the fridge to grab and go. Add an apple or other fruit and you're good to go! Yogurt is also good. I've been having smoothies with fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter lately. It's quick and I can drink it while I'm getting ready for class/work. As far as lunch, I make a big batch during the weekend and pack that in containers for the week. I also drink all my water every day. It helps with fake hunger and keeps me hydrated...I work out most days in the morning because I know I won't do it when I get home at 8 or 9. Planning ahead combats stress for me. If I plan my meals ahead of time then I can worry about the 2 exams I have this week. My main suggestion is to really look at your schedule and study time. We all procrastinate or take "study breaks" for Facebook, twitter, spark people, etc...Taking an extra 5 minutes to grab breakfast or 30 minutes to get a quick workout may not really take up as much time as you think. emoticon

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3/26/12 10:21 A

I'm finding that as exam come up, I'm eating worse. I went from having breakfast everyday to maybe grabbing a nurtigran bar and having that be breakfast and lunch. I'm not hungry and I'm too tired when I get home to want to work out. Suggestion and help. I don't want all my progress ruined by stress!!

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