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9/21/12 1:33 P

Good luck! I loved it as a teen, competed for two years but my trainer was like over the top. Even when I left I continued to workout/dance in my soft shoes. You just reminded me I need to sell my old costume on eBay haha. Have fun with, make sure someone takes photos, and remember to breathe!

Nichole from Tampa, FL
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9/21/12 11:55 A


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9/21/12 10:49 A

Thanks, everybody! I've been singing the songs in my head all day. :-p

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9/20/12 11:34 P

Rock on.

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9/20/12 11:01 P

Cannot wait to hear about the first prize moment... You will do great!

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9/20/12 10:50 P

Good luck!!

9/20/12 4:54 P

Best of luck!

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9/20/12 2:46 P

Not wishing you luck because I know you can do it and will do well! Way to Go!!!

emoticon emoticon

9/20/12 2:25 P

Oh how nifty! Good for you for doing something you obviously love. Best of luck to you through the workouts and at the competition.

emoticon emoticon

Margaret--Spring, TX
The Beck Deck Crew!
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9/20/12 1:25 P

Good luck. Wish I had an emoticon with a smarock to insert here. Let us know how you do. WIn or lose - you are doing it and that is amazing!

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9/20/12 1:15 P

I committed this morning to my first Irish dance competition! I've been studying for two years and it's one of the best things in my life.
But I'm really nervous about competing, and being in the right shape for it.
Wish me luck while I spend the next 10 days practicing like a crazy person!!!

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