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6/16/13 5:00 P

I'm still trying to work my way around the new Fitness Tracker. I have to do a lot of searching to find what I'm looking for. I do have some that I've created. When I can't make it outdoors, that's when I really suffer, but I try to do core and upper body workouts.

It's fun reading all these. Keep up the great work, everyone!



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6/14/13 11:59 P

bet he is tired. my last two days have beeb awful do not do good when i eat away from home in resturants :( rather discusted at myself!!!!!

JODROX Posts: 1,663
8/12/12 7:37 P

Another way to enter running in Fitness Tracker is to enter mileage. You enter the mileage you ran and how many minutes it took, and it calculates your pace for you.

IMLUNA Posts: 6
8/12/12 7:08 P

i think it would be great if sparkpeople teamed up with runtastic. i use this smartphone app to track my activities. through gps, it shows your speed & pace, distance, elevation gain & loss, etc. and many different kinds of activities are available to choose from- of course running, but also biking, nordic walking, skiing, snowshoeing, and a bunch of other sports. i so wish my workouts could automatically be synced with the fitness tracker here! it's frustrating to have to chose between selecting a speed either higher or lower than what i actually had.

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8/5/12 11:53 A

Get a heart rate monitor, and make your own "running" entry with manually entered calories. :)

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8/5/12 9:22 A

I get that all the time too - go for an awesome run, log it as a run/walk, and it tells me I "walked" a 4 mph pace. Ugh. We know better. It doesn't bother me a whole lot cuz I know I'm not fast - but I'm getting faster, healthier, and thinner :)

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7/30/12 3:43 P

No, it DOES matter.

Luann, try it yourself. Covering the same distance burns more calories running that it does walking.

Distance is ONLY the determining factor within the same body movement type. Walking 1 mile will burn the same at approximately any walking speed. But running that 1 mile WILL burn more calories.

Deb, in New Zealand
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7/27/12 2:48 P

I feel your frustration!

I can't yet do a mile in 12 minutes, it ranges from 12 1/2 min to 13 1/2 min per mile at my best. Yet I'm doing this mile on a street with a huge hill on one side that I still find very challenging, but I don't stop and walk it - I keep persevering! I feel like if I log it as a 12 min mile I'm cheating because I'm not that fast yet, but the next option is to log it as a 15 min mile, which doesn't seem quite fair to me after all my hard work!

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7/26/12 8:22 P

I separate my "jog" and walk when logging them in SP. I add up the total minutes of jogging and add up the walking. Not sure if this will help or not. Keep up the good work!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,642
7/25/12 11:40 A

"but it's very discouraging to have the fitness tracker take all of the effort I put in and decide that I couldn't possibly have been trying to run because I was so slow. "

Relax, as it really doesn't matter.
DISTANCE matters more than pace.

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7/25/12 10:57 A

I am not sure however I believe that it does not give that option because there is not a lot of difference in calorie burn unless you go faster and add more distance. When I walk/jog the short walks that I used to do when I first joined SP I can do it in a much shorter time frame however because it is the same distance, I am not burning as many calories now as what I did at the start.

I instead have focused on walking/jogging for 1 hr. a day and when I can do that distance and my time is faster, then I add more distance. For example, last week I was doing a 5.6 kilometer walk/jog in one hour but as I got faster I added a couple more streets to go down and now I am up to 6.2 kilometers in 1 hour and my calorie burn is not much higher than before. Once I am able to knock off a few more minutes from time for a few days in a row, I will add more distance to my walk/ jog.

SHORTTOOTH1 Posts: 1,036
7/25/12 12:51 A

I would like for the fitness tracker to let me define whether my workout was a walk or a run; or better yet, an interval workout. I'm aware that my pace is pretty slow and that I take some walking breaks during my "runs," but it's very discouraging to have the fitness tracker take all of the effort I put in and decide that I couldn't possibly have been trying to run because I was so slow. It's bad enough that I'm out there keeping pace with the turtle (as opposed to the hare) and getting some weird looks for it, SP should not bring me down when I'm back inside to log my workout!

Let me decide what I did, not my pace.

(ahh, it felt good to vent)

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. ~Brendan Francis
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