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6/25/12 5:02 P

Thank you so much for the advice....I live in the country so I walk on dirt roads so I thought the stroller would be out of the question but my husband went and got me one of the strollers with the big wheels and he is having a blast....My six year old likes to race me to the end of the driveway he is loving it!!!!! I really appreciate the help!!!!

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6/25/12 2:45 P

Incorporate things that will get your HR. Would he be able to "sprint" with you for half a block? he could run, you could jog/walk faster. You could do lunges or skip or jog in place, high knee style.

6/25/12 2:18 P

put him in a stroller. That is what I did with my son who wanter to go with me. That was the rule- he couldnt walkt because it was "mommys" time to be physically active and be healthy. Final word. When he got to big for a stroller he didnt go (about one year) now he rides his bike. In the beginning he didnt want to ride it that long. My my decision was he didnt go until he was old enough to ride with me. It works out great now! I have been up and down with my weight and walking but I decided to maintain my boundries that when I exercise I need to exercise and the kids have accepted that.

LISAMEGAN22 SparkPoints: (2,951)
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6/23/12 3:03 P

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a wife and mother of 5 children. I am having a hard time balancing my fitness time and my family time. I am trying to do my 2 miles a day walking and I do one in the morning by myself and one in the evening with my kids. I have a three year old that to my suprise walks the whole thing by himself but he wants mommy to walk with him and won't walk with one of my other kids so by the time we are done at the pace a 3 year old can walk I don't feel like I have accomplished much. Can anyone give me any ideas for getting more out of that mile that I walk with my son? Thanks

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