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11/12/12 10:49 P

Sometimes ALL we can do is just that, all WE can do. Focusing on the things YOU can control makes a lot more sense than trying to change those thing you cannot control. Will keep you in my prayers and I certainly hope you get some relief soon.

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11/12/12 8:32 A

Thanks for sharing your story Buffy. I wish you well.

Coach Nancy

11/12/12 1:53 A

I have Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia that is causing me to lose too much iron due to blood loss. I have had to go to the hospital two times for iron infusions because eating iron rich foods and taking three prescription strength iron supplements are not helping me due to the blood loss. Even with medication I have been bleeding for 8 weeks. I am in pain and frustrated. I have been seeing my doctor and specialists. The medication they give me causes negative moods and weight gain. I really feel that these are huge obstacles to my weight loss. I crave comfort foods because of the stress of my situation. My weight has been going up because I am bloated this whole time. I feel miserable and I am taking pain pills all the time. I also just found out that I have to have surgery which is a hysterscopy and a D&C. I am scared by this.

However, there is nothing I can control about these medical issues. A Spark member recommended I take up a hobby which is something I can control. So, I am focusing on a 12 week creative recovery book called Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance which is the third Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron. I formed The Artist's Way Circle 12 years ago which has been an awesome support to me and others over the years where I am going through the 12 week course with others. Everybody in The Artist's Way Circle is also focused on their creative recovery too and we go back and forth with positive feedback. Three tools are the Morning Pages which is three pages stream of conscious writing, Artist's Dates which is an hour quality time with yourself, and Walks which I monitor using my Fitbit. Doing Finding Water gives me hope that I can be the creative person I am meant to be. I aspire to write my memoir called Two Step how my life as a Mohican woman is a dance.

Warm regards,

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