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I have an interest for myself and I am interested in helping others. I personally believe that what I do mentally and spiritually is far more important than what I do physically so if people have mental and spiritual exercises they do that work I would like to know. If I can share them with others I will do that as well.

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9/24/12 1:39 P

Sounds like you are using the people on this board for your gain.
Writing a paper?
Promoting some product?

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9/24/12 12:47 P

I previously asked: My weight loss, weight control or body fat percentage is _____% physical_______% mental and ______% spiritual?

Doesn't interest me at all____

Most people answered with their Mental and Spiritual had a bigger impact on what they do physically.
What exercises do you do mentally_____?

What exercises do you do spiritually_____?

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