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7/19/12 2:14 P

We freeze after cooking, handy to have on hand or as a take to work lunch.

HAZYSKIES SparkPoints: (37,449)
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7/15/12 9:18 A

I prefer to freeze them after cooking them. Then you can get one out of the freezer and zap it in the microwave whenever you want one.

7/1/12 6:40 A

I freeze mine before cooking. Usually I defrost in the microwave (if I didn't think far enough in advance) and then cook it as usual (skillet etc.)

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
6/23/12 8:12 A

I would probably freeze them after cooking. My thought would be that they can be re-heated in the microwave after cooking without being thawed out first.

Unlike meat, there shouldn't be too much of an issue with pathogens. What you do will mainly affect the texture. If you have two extra burgers you could experiment and freeze one before cooking and freeze one after cooking, then decide which result you like better.

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (27,445)
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6/22/12 10:39 P

I make three black bean burgers at a time, but I don't need all three. Should I freeze them before being cooked or afterwards?

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