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GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
7/25/12 5:20 P

I buy my berries on sale and freeze also. Freeze them on a sheet pan (flash freeze) so they do not stick together, then transfer them to some kind of little freezer container. Then just grab what you need for your oatmeal. Maybe use the raisins as more of an occasional treat since they are loaded little calorie/carb bombs?

I love fruit, all kinds, but try to watch it while I am in lose fat mode. Sometimes I just do half servings to satisfy my whatever it is that thinks it wants it.

I get what you are saying about milk signifyng the end of your meal, and how cutting that out might play mind games. How big is the glass? Could you just cut that down, maybe even just enough to get your fix at the end of the meal?

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
7/25/12 4:46 P

how do you feel about kiwis? they're in the 46-56 cal range, and aldi's has been running 6 packs for 89 cents lately. it's roughly 2/3 the cals of an apple and half the cals of a banana.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/25/12 12:07 P

Melons, berries and apples are all good choices for fruits. I was shocked to find that raspberries is only 64 calories with 8 grams of fiber and only 5 grams of sugar. That is crazy! A cup of cantaloupe is only 60 calories.

I skip regular cow's milk for the most part these days. If I'm going for protein, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese has more protein. If I want "milk" for oatmeal or as a liquid in a smoothie, I use light almond or coconut milk, which is only 30-50 calories per cup and doesn't have the sugars from lactose.

ETA: berries are expensive, but are in season this time of year, and freeze very well. I picked up lots of cherries for $1.50 a pound, pitted and froze them (admittedly a PITA), and got 2# containers of blueberries on sale and froze those. Strawberries are usually cheaper and also low-cal as far as fruits go. Just spread the berries out on a cookie sheet until they're frozen, then throw them in a ziploc bag and they'll keep until you need them.

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7/25/12 11:30 A

@Anarie- Meat is calorie dense because its got so much protein in it. 80% of my meat is boneless, skinless chicken breast which is 24g protein to 2g fat for a serving. The other little bit I eat is a lean pork chop which is 17g protein to 4g fat. Skim milk is 9g protein to 13g carbs, so meat is the better option of protein per calorie ratio. The main benefiit I think I'm getting from milk is a little supplemental protein to go with the bone health. I wouldn't say you could cut back on meat because of a bit of milk.

And I love frozen blueberries, they do go great in oatmeal or on their own. Problem is I can't get one of those little $3 containers to last more than a day or two in my apartment... too good.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (326,852)
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7/25/12 11:16 A

Frozen berries are alright for adding to things like oatmeal... I would skip those raisins before you skip rice later on, those raisins are all carbs with very little nutritional benefits, the rice is a better thing to have kept and a small amount of frozen berries will really make the oatmeal flavourful.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/25/12 11:14 A

And don't forget that milk is a very good source of protein and B vitamins. If you drink milk, you can cut way back on meat, which is much more calorie-dense. That's also a good plan economically, since meat prices are going to skyrocket in the next two years thanks to the drought.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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7/25/12 11:11 A

Its more of I like my milk and it helps fill me up and signify that dinner is over. That goes back to how I ate growing up pretty much. And cutting out a glass of milk on the tracker to make room for something else always a not so responsible decision when I think about it, so I don't.

And I get about 3-5 servings of veggies a day. Recently I started making more of an effort to do that. I used to grab a piece of fruit when I just needed to eat something, but knew I wasn't really hungry. Then the 80 calories and carbs from an apple starting adding up fast. warming up some green beans in the microwave or eating a couple mini sweet peppers was only like 30 calories in comparision. A salad in the evening is a decent late snack for me when I have the time. I also started adding a bunch of lettuce, tomato slice, onions to sandwiches I'd bring to work. Makes them so much better.

I know berries are lower cals, but I always way over eat those and they are soooo expensive. as for how the calories add up-
raisins in my morning oatmeal adds 130 cals
Apple with lunch adds 80 calories
A banana as a pre-workout/afternoon snack is 110 calories
Glass of milk with breakfast and dinner brings in another 180 calories for the day
They add up quick all together and I tend to have to work my dinner around that sometime. Normally involves skipping the brown rice which I really enjoy, but that'll push my carb count too high.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (195,911)
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7/25/12 10:52 A

Fruit isn't high in calories ( with the exception of bananas). And they contain fiber, which keeps you full. If it's really a concern, just eat 2 servings of fruit, and 3 of veggies. Vegetables have less calories. A guy of your size can afford the calories in a glass of milk...I wouldn't worry so much.

CHIHAYA SparkPoints: (0)
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7/25/12 10:39 A

I only use milk for cooking purpose, but still living healthy. It's an American government and farmers conspiracy. Well, just kidding:D But I do feel that way whenever I see Americans who obsessed to eat cereals in the morning.

The only thing you might miss from milk is calcium, but there are some researches that suggests milk doesn't prevent bone fracture at all, but exercise itself is much more helpful.

So, you might ask yourself again. Do you really need to drink milk everyday?

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (326,852)
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Posts: 22,124
7/25/12 10:25 A

Why eat three fruits a day?

It isnt necessary if you eat a wide range of vegetables, I'm not having any fruit today, but had plenty of vegetables... green, purple, red, yellow...

Im not missing anything.

Berries have a lot less calories/carbs/sugar if thats a help as well.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/25/12 10:24 A

Fruits - what fruits? Two medium fresh plums only have 80 calories. A bowl of fresh strawberries? Even an entire can of peaches packed in juice are pretty low in calories. Substitute skimmed milk for low-fat if that's pinching your calorie budget. In fact, put those fresh berries in a bowl with skimmed milk - YUM.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
7/25/12 10:23 A

I only do two servings a day and eat mainly berries since they are lower on the glycemic index. I eat more veggies. Haven't done dairy in over two years and really don't miss it. Like my almond or coconut milk.

When it comes to calories and fruit, I don't really pay as much attention to the calorie count. I just watch my extras a little more carefully.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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7/25/12 9:26 A

So this isn't really a big deal, but I am so annoyed with how high calorie fruits are. They are great for you and we really should eat them, but with three fruits a day and two glasses of skim milk, it equals 500 of my daily calories. It seems I have to work my day around these, especially the carbs. And its not like we should take them out. Just mildy annoyed with that fact is all. Sorry for the little rant.

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