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GREENLADY1990 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 62
3/13/12 12:35 P

Really liked the nutritional yeast

PEGJW111 Posts: 6,628
3/13/12 11:57 A

We always use vegetable oil- I will try the olive oil, maybe a seasoned one. Thanks!

KENDALL68 Posts: 72
3/13/12 7:27 A

a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese is good too!

NIKKIMASON101 SparkPoints: (48,710)
Fitness Minutes: (101,786)
Posts: 31
3/12/12 8:46 A

I put my plain popcorn kernals in a brown paper lunch bag and pop them in the microwave that works too. top with salt and olive oil after they pop

GREENLADY1990 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,022)
Posts: 62
3/11/12 2:28 P

If you go to he has a good spicy recipe for popcorn. (I have to go write it down)

SHERISMILEY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/11/12 1:20 P

Thanks for sharing! Have you ever tried sprinkling nutritional yeast on your popcorn. It has a cheesy flavor and is super delish!! emoticon

3/7/12 5:38 A

This is how my mom made popcorn growing up. :) I still have it this way now sometimes. Beware: you won't like air-popped anymore if you eat this. :)

OLDOLGA Posts: 191
3/7/12 2:39 A

sounds great! thanks for sharing.

BE_FREE SparkPoints: (1,987)
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3/6/12 10:20 P

My brother just made me this popcorn and I am HOOKED! He used a pot to cook up the plain popcorn kernels he bought at the store. What you do is you put olive oil at the bottom of the pot so it covers it. Then you put in the kernels and cook it at medium-med high heat and then just shake it up and mix it and simply put a little salt and that's it! No butter and all it is is olive oil which has good fats and is heart healthy. And not to mention whole grain you can get! I am saying yes to that :) I couldn't wait to share with you all!

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