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4/16/13 5:32 P

I started eating greek yogurt over a decade ago, in the BALKANS, where it comes from. That includes regularly eating greek-style yogurt in Macedonia - Skopje, Macedonia - just north of Greece. (Many Greeks go pretty much apoplectic about others calling Skopje the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. Oh well.)

You can make your own. Not hard at all. Room-temperature milk. Warm oven, or a food dehydrator. A few tablespoons of your favourite plain yogurt. In a bowl, mix the yogurt into the room-temp milk, then let the bowl of "yogurt-milk" set in the lukewarm oven (but TURNED OFF) overnight. By morning it should be yogurt!

As with everything, sometimes you have to experiment and play around with making your own yogurt. But it's great for your intestinal health.

Also - definitely try both super-smooth WALLABY Australian-Style Greek yogurt, and Whole Foods Market's "365" brand plain Greek yogurt. Those are my main "go-to" brands. Especially Wallaby. Wallaby is incredible.


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Kylar - you can also do a LITTLE stocking up when it's on special. The last time Kroger had my favorite brand as a weekly special, I bought every carton that both stores in town had. As long as you check the dates, and know about how much you'll are good to go.

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4/16/13 2:00 P

I was super stoked to find the individual servings of Fage 0% on manager's special for 0.35 last week. I shop at Kroger and they'll often put dairy items on sale a day or two before the sell by date. Just a suggestion to keep your eye out for.

Occassionally name brand yogurt will have coupons. That might not be your cup of tea, but that will give me a reason to try other brands.

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4/16/13 12:24 P

Thanks becky and FP4HLOSER for actually giving relevant responses. I think I'll keep going with the cheap stuff then, its still outrageously expensive ($1 per serving even in bulk) and I'm a college student lol.

Really sucks how expensive eating decently is, fast food and frozen convenience meals like my roommates eat are dirt cheap and of course, quick. I could never go back to that tho, I just feel so much better now eating right, its not even about the weight loss.

4/15/13 8:34 P

The generic may still have the bacteria strands---but did not pay to use the logo.

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4/15/13 7:57 P

You asked how important the strains were----for me--that is the reason I eat yogurt! Check to see if the Great Value has the Live Active seal printed on it then you are OK.
My favorite is plain Fage. I buy a big carton of it at Sam's Club for under $5.

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4/15/13 7:40 P

I'm a Chobani and Fage fat-free Greek yogurt fan - they're both so rich and delicious, and the calories are right for me. So's the nutritional content - as you noted, Oikos has less protein. As expensive as they are (yikes!), I think they give excellent nutritional value for their cost.

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4/15/13 7:11 P

We relish any kind of Greek yogurt! I haven't heard about generic.

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4/15/13 7:04 P

I personally don't like chobani but I like the light and fit greek yogurt

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4/15/13 6:54 P

So I absolutely love plain greek yogurt. I go through a full container of the stuff each week or quicker. I've been buying the great value brand because it's $4 as opposed to $6-7 for Chobani or Fage. sadly, there is definelty a taste and texture decrease, but with how much I eat I figured it'd be worth it to save a little money as its expensive anyways.

They all have the same nutritional facts (except Oikos for some reason... less protein there) but the one difference between teh generic and name brands is that in the ingredients, the Chobani and Fage have live and active cultures listed while the Great Value does not. How important are these healthy yogurt bacteria strains, and should I start thinking about paying possibly for them?

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