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LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/17/12 1:13 P

Things are looking up- I stayed within my calories yesterday YAY! Working on today- I get another day or two under my belt and I will consider myself truly back on track lol!

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
4/17/12 9:30 A

I went on vacation a month ago, and me and my DH came back 10 lbs heavier. Oops! Thoroughly enjoyed myself I guess. I did come back home, and joined a fit program at work. In less than 1 month, I have lost 13.5 lbs. You can do it too. The support & competition at work helps tremendously, especially when there is $ involved (I'm not gonna lie). If you need extra support, stop by my spark page and let me know. Good luck!

LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/16/12 1:12 P

I made through lunch- whew! Now the afternoon is next. I have a snack planned at 4pm (my preworkout snack) before hitting the gym but I know I am going it want it at like 2.

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/16/12 12:17 P

Yes I did enjoy myself as a matter of fact! It was a great time.- thanks for asking! We went to the Big Island of Hawaii. I am a bit remorseful of the time I lost to lose but it happens- but I am not going to dwell on it. I have goals to reach before my son graduates so here we go.

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
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4/16/12 11:41 A

Hey, Lisa ! Did you have a good time while you were on vacation ? As long as you were mindful of your portions, you didn't derail your efforts at good health in any way. Shoot, I just came back from Amsterdam. Do you know how much cheese I ate ? I wasn't refusing good cheese ! or butter !

Well, I enjoyed my time on vacation and now I'm home back to my routine. You started a routine prior to your vacation, you do your best to get back to that routine. Healthy people can and do enjoy themselves on vacation. Some times, they even go a little wild ! LOL !!!! But, they come home and return to routine.

So, don't worry ! You just slowly get back into that healthy routine you created for yourself before you went on vacation. a person should be able to indulge once in a while.

LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/16/12 10:59 A

You are right- I do have it in me! An hour till lunch and I am positively NOT hungry right now. So I'm holding out. It would be different if i was hungry then I would allow myself something.

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
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4/16/12 10:48 A

Hi Lisa.

You can so do this! In fact, I bet you'll be surprised at how good it feels to get back on the horse, so to speak.
On Easter, I just decided that yes, I was going to enjoy the See's chocolate eggs. Boy, did I. Like a prisoner on her last meal!
Point being, in nine mo, I hadn't done anything remotely on that scale and Monday morning, I was back on it. It felt GREAT to know that yes, I can decide to indulge for a day and then BAM! get back to what I know will work.
You can do it, too!! You have done SO WELL, so you KNOW you have it in you.

Re: the mindless eating: I'm just like you. That's what got me where I was before Spark.
Now, while I do try to be more mindful, I also play to my weakness by allowing "mindless" eating of pre-cut veggies. I bag up three days worth at a time, and can either be at my desk or in the car doing the mindless eating thing. Hey - if I get more veggies in, that's a good thing!

Good luck and hope you had a great vacation!

LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/16/12 10:19 A

Awww Nancy, you made me smile! I have also been overwhelmed getting my house ready for my son's graduation! I have a lot of catching up on here to do.

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
4/16/12 10:12 A

Hi, Lisa! I sure know how you feel. After an entire life of thinking of food as fun, relaxation, relief, etc., etc., etc. I know how easy it is to slip back into that. Sigh. The cure for mindlessness, I tell myself, is to be deliberately mindful about my choices - the old slow down, pay attention thing. Hard work some days! But it does work, and if I apply it regularly, it actually gets to be a habit. Given how long the old habit was established, I fear it will always be stronger! But practice makes better (npt perfect; just better!) If you feel sorry for yourself or are beating yourself up for the vacation lapse, try being upbeat, humor yourself along as you settle back into a healthy eating program. Gently and lightly works for me. So, you lapsed on vacation. NOT the end of your program, just a digression! Back on, but don't try to make up for lost time! Hope that helps! Feel free to Spark Mail me to check out my Page - I log on daily looking for encouragement! Take care and Spark ON!

You’ll get where you want to go as long as you are taking more steps in the right direction than the wrong one.
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4/16/12 10:08 A

Glad to have you back Lisa! Missed seeing you around the message boards and your AWESOME advice!

Coach Nancy

LISAWMI Posts: 872
4/16/12 10:05 A

So my vacation got me a little (or maybe a lot) derailed on my eating. I am getting back on track today and would appreciate encouraging words! I am a mindless snacker and got back into that bad habit on vacation. So here's to making it to lunch...

-Lisa- EST

Make it a great day!
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