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There are none really. You have to have very low body fat for abs to poke through. I'm in a similar boat to you. Pretty lean everywhere except for my abdomen.

I've noticed some slow progress. I cycle between bulks and cuts. I keep trying to add more muscle and lose more fat. I made a pretty huge mistake when I lost most of my weight initially. I went crazy on the diet and cardio and skipped the weight training. Then when I bulked up, I bulked up with P90X (complete with ab ripper X) which is probably the exact wrong program (for me). I should have been doing barbell training the entire time, but have only been on that for the last year or so.

Guys need to be in the lower teens of body fat % to start seeing abs. To get there, you need a decent amount of muscle. Any decent compound movement program (i.e. squats, deads, benches, etc) is going to work your abs quite a bit. It's pretty rare that ab specific moves are required beyond that. I would recommend ab specific movements if you're having trouble stabilizing during heavy lift sessions. Aside from that, I derived no perceived benefit from ab specific training.

Abs are made in the kitchen, as they say.

My opinion, of course .. YMMV.

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Hey there, so I have a very shallow question to ask that is probably going to make me sound like a bad person, but what are some exercises to make my abs look better?

I've lost 50 pounds since Christmas thanks majorly to this site and I'm down around where I want my weight to be. Just playing around and figuring out where is best for me. I know that abs are made in the kitchen, but they are defined in the gym. I'm to the point where I can see my top 4 with shallow divides between them, but the lower two aren't there and the upper could always be better.

I don't think I need to keep losing fat, it seems there's a little lower belly fat, but it's really loose. I'm hoping to switch and eat at a maitinence level and put some of the muscle back on that I've lost. Hopefully working hard will let me build a little muscle and trim a little more fat while keeping my weight constant. So what are some good exercises do get abs that are starting to show become well defined? I feel they just need to fill out. I do the p90x ab ripper once a week, and when I lift 3 times a week I work in decline sit-ups with a medicine ball, captain's chair leg raises, planks, back/oblique extensions, and a couple machines that are basically sit ups with added weight resistance. Any things that would be good for building the abs?

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