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4/7/11 3:40 P

I'm sorry you've had a rough year. I know what your going through. I went through it 9 years ago when my DH passed. I found SP shortly after DH passed. I found lots of support, kindness, and caring people. The first year is always the most difficult. You will survive and get through it.

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4/4/11 3:36 P

Pat I applaud you returning to SparkPeople and making your self care your priority. I understand your grief. I wish you well on your Spark journey.

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4/2/11 9:23 P

My only advice is that there are others of us out here who are "starting over". I have not had as difficult year as you have had, but one year ago I was loosing weight and almost at my goal. I have now returned to Sparkpeople with 40 pound weight gain....and beginning again!

Just know that you are not alone!! emoticon

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4/2/11 9:07 P

Welcome Pat. I am sorry for the rough year you have had. Be gentle with yourself as you work your way back. Congratulations for quitting smoking!! As for the weight, emoticon

Judy emoticon

Judy A in Harrow, Ontario, Canada

"Every day of Life is a GIFT! Be sure to... Unwrap it. Play with it.
And, most importantly, Give thanks for it!"

-Valerie Rickel
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4/2/11 5:25 P

Hello to all...
My name is Pat..I live in central NJ....weight has been a life long issue.
Last year my husband of 30+ yrs passed away from Lung Cancer..actually it will be a year on the 21st of this month....during his illness and in the weeks following his death I lost 35 lbs....after he passed I thought why not continue this thing....thinking it would be so easy...NOT !
At that time my BP was joint pain was minimal and all in all I felt pretty good.
Greif settled in and I have managed to regain every last ounce I lost.....bp is rising and my knees are killing me.
Let me add that I also quit smoking...its been almost a year for that as to say that my emotional plate is over loaded is an understatement.
But I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and now that I am alone I need to focus on me...cause I am all that I have..we had no children.
I am also a nurse and will be returning to the work force after a two year hiatus and need to feel physically better to get that done...
Any words of wisdom...

I'm only the co-pilot on this flight !!
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