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You have learned to live well by losing the 30. Now continue in what you know!



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Good for you and the missus. One thing to keep in mind that when you get into the range of "normal" or "healthy" weight that the focus needs to shift away from weight loss (i.e. ditch the scale or seriously minimize it) and more on body composition (i.e. higher strength to weight ratio, meaning build muscle). I fell into the scale trap originally and lost too much weight in the form of fat and muscle and have been trying to build it back ever since.

In other words, incorporate a serious strength training program sooner rather than later.

Simple, Effective Strength Training for Beginners

Current Program

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12/10/11 8:36 P

As of today, I am .7 pounds away from reaching my initial goal of losing 30 pounds by the first of the year. I have now modified my goal and will be working to lose an additional 5 pounds. I have always been fairly active, but until my wife and I started this venture, we never had worked on portion control and tracking what we eat. That made the difference. We are excited to move on to the stage of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for everything that we have ahead of us.

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