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9/27/12 6:38 P

Sounds good! Have you thought of freezing the rice? To me this is what takes up the time and once a month or so we make a big crockpot of it so there's no excuse when you don't have time.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
9/27/12 3:31 P

That might be interesting. Even though I have lived in Asia and we never had brown rice. We had brown rice noodles but the rice as I knew it was as white as the driven snow.

I think a very important factor in Chinese and Asian cooking is portion control. When visiting with friends if we had a pastry for desert. It was a one inch square. Maybe a little bigger, but not much. And we also had deserts made out of bean paste and almond flour. (separately of course)

I am sure that there is plenty for you to eat and you will not get bored.

Good luck on your journey

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9/27/12 2:56 P

The great thing about congee is that you can make a ton and just keep warming it up. I had a series of oral surgeries last year and congee was a staple!

If you can do it, do it! Just stick with the whole, unprocessed foods and you will do great. Don't be tempted into the vast array of weird packaged chinese foods and modern 'sauces' and things that are out there. Make your own food from your own ingredients and you will feel great and it will be super tasty!

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9/27/12 2:26 P

So this is going to sound weird to a lot of you, but I am going to go for a full dietary makeover. Before I get lectured for setting my goals too high and whatnot, what I am planning on doing is shifting my diet more towards the traditional practices of a cuisine I absolutely love - Chinese. Old-school chinese cooking is some of the healthiest and most inexpensive whole-foods cuisine styles on the planet. Cooking will take a little longer than usual with so much brown riceand whole foods products to be prepared, but honestly I think it will be worth it, especially given that the older cookbooks I own have naturally small portion sizes and all of the recipes I've tried are friggin delicious. I'll be documenting my experiences with the shift in my blog, but so far I've been really, really happy with it. I haven't made Congee for breakfast yet, mostly because I love making my Peach Pickup smoothies (inspired by something from a magazine I read that stuck for my breakfast habits) but taking my leftovers for lunch and making something new for dinner every night is fantastic. And in one of my older cookbooks the advice on breathing life into leftovers really helped me keep from getting bored. I am hoping to really change the way I eat. Wish me luck!

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