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11/27/12 4:35 P

"The Joy of Cooking" (suggested below) is a classic, for sure, but a word of warning. It was written long ago in the days of full fat. If you want healthy, you'll need to be able to modify many of these recipes!!

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11/27/12 1:04 P

Looneyspoons is my fave cookbook. :D Love it !

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11/25/12 4:15 P

A really good book to add to your kitchen collection is The Joy of Cooking.

11/23/12 9:17 A

The ones that I use most from my collection are, Hungry Girl, Looney Spoons, and SparkPeople.

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11/23/12 8:46 A

Raw food made easy or raw food on a budget. I am in no way telling you to go raw by suggesting these, but they have some awesome salads or side dishes that you can easily incorporate into your diet.

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11/22/12 12:51 P

I like The Hungry Girl Cookbooks. She is big into adding volume to foods without a lot of calories. She also does some great substitutions for higher calorie fare.

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11/21/12 7:57 P

I really like the Eat Clean Vegetarian Cookbook. Another one that I always go back to is "Appetite for Reduction" (it's vegan, but you can incorporate the dishes into non-vegan meals, obviously).

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11/21/12 6:30 P

I like the cookbooks by Ellie Krieger, there's a couple of them. She makes comfort food and other "regular" food but in a lighter way. They're available in bookstores and on Amazon. They're actually cheapest on Amazon, here's her Amazon page

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11/21/12 4:45 P

So my fiance's grandma and mom are asking about books I'd like to have. I've made a list of some romance novels and just now thought about adding a couple of healthy food cook books to the list. Can anyone suggest some good, not so pricey cook books that are full of healthy food ideas? Something that can be bought in book stores (even walmart). I already have the Spark Cook Book so don't suggest that one.

Thanks ahead of time!

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