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2/21/13 10:39 P

Is this a trick question?

Loose skin? Or, early death?

:-| / ;-)


2/21/13 10:26 P

I am 59 years young. I've lost about 17 lbs since October. I am very close to my goal weight of 145. My Dh has taken to "playing" with my belly button cause he says it's more "open" since I've shrunk as he calls it. I've noticed my lower ab is much more flacid even though it's much smaller. Yes, I wish I could get one of those nice flat bellies but you know, I've given birth to two fairly large babies and I've lived 59 years, I have 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grands so I'm just happy to be healthy and will wear the flab as a badge of honor. emoticon

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2/20/13 3:43 A

Maggie Van,

Great comment.



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2/20/13 3:13 A

Who cares about flab? Wear it like a badge of honor after getting your life together, slaying the overeating monster in exchange for a heathy life. I say the bigger the flab the bigger the achievements.

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2/19/13 9:56 P

I am dealing with that too. Hope it won't be too bad. I'll the get weight off first, then worry about that.

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2/19/13 8:50 P

Thank you for posting this! I finally feel like I'm not alone in my fear about what to do with lose skin. My reality is that I haven't lost enough yet for it to be lose skin, but I'm definitely going to have that belly button flap that some of you have mentioned. I don't know what I'm going to do about it, and maybe it will be nothing ... but at least I will be healthier, even if that part of my body isn't ultra sexy!

I think to myself: some skin flab won't prevent me from hiking a mountain, zip lining or running with my kids. That's what matters most. :)

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2/17/13 12:53 A

When I first saw this topic, I thought someone was trying to buy "it".

I thought, "Wow, I'm going to be rich!" emoticon

But, alas, just fellow commiserators. emoticon

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2/16/13 8:24 A

I have lot 162 lbs and you can imagne the amoutn of loose skin I have. I really don't have the money to have it removed. I try to dress to hide loose skin espeically on my arms. I just keep in my mind that I am a more healthy person since I lost the weight. I focus on stylish clothes and that is fun to do.

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2/14/13 12:22 A
MAMACLOK on Youtube had a tummy tuck and breast lift after she released 75# and she talks about getting ready to have it. She has several videos and she had GREAT results. It cost her a total of $15,500 and she made payments for a year. She had it about 2 yrs ago and is so happy with the results.

Anyone who has a large amount of weight to lose will have loose skin. One lady on YouTube had a breast lift and her "batwings" done for her arms and she said it cost $3900. She still needs her stomach done.

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2/8/13 5:56 P

I had twins 12 years ago. They were full term. One weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces. The other was 8 pounds 5 ounces. I have always been greatful for my healthy babies. Unfortunately no one told me at the time to request reconstructive surgery right after for the muscle tear in my abdominal wall. I found out years too late my insurance would have covered it with a tummy tuck at the time. Now I would have to pay myself. I do not know if I will ever have the money but I sure hope so. I was skinny for years but could never show my abdomen then. My husband said I had the body of a 20 year old with the stomach of a 90 year old. At least me likes it :-)

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8/26/12 2:20 A

I've lost 80 pounds in one year and the loose skin is going to be my largest challenge. I've got a wee lil bit around my armpit area and a wee bit more on my thighs near my groin area but the worst is the stomach pouches. Yes...plural. I think the upper will smooth out as I lose a bit more weight but the bottom half...well...eww. When I am sitting it just kinda hangs there all saggy, wrinkly and ugly looking. IN a way its a great reminder to myself of what I did to my own body and the consequences of my actions (or inactions in this case).
I have read that it can take two years for your skin to get as good as it's going to after weight loss. So I will be patient and see what happens.

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8/25/12 3:04 P

Interesting subject. I always wondered if my skin would bounce back. From the sounds of you'all, it's not going to happen. I have that same vertical C-section scar anchored below my belly button and above my groin, which always caused peculiar puckers. Can't wait to see what losing my belly fat's going to do to the skin in that area.

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8/21/12 12:10 P

Sounds like a plan emoticon
I google everything so you can prob ask and get a close figure.

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8/21/12 11:07 A

Hello everyone! Another wonderful morning! I have droopy skin along my lower abdomen, ever since i lost the first 17 lbs. It drives me crazy because my stomach looks better than before(not perfect by any means) but a little less of a muffin top and then I have my lower stomach hanging in a little pouch. UUGHHH ITs so annoying.

JILLIEWILLIE1 Posts: 1,560
8/21/12 9:55 A

I should start saving money now for a tummy tuck after I maintain my goal weight for twelve months. I am going to check into the cost and divide it up today. emoticon

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8/20/12 10:11 P

That is ok just think, at least you are healthy

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8/20/12 7:51 P

I have always had big arms and I know that I will have hanging skin, but my biggest worry is my stomach I have had a C-Section and appendectomy. It wouldn't be such a big deal but they cut my from my belly button down right through the muscle and my muscles will not go back together. But I would rather be skinny with skin than fat with the fat.

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8/10/12 9:05 P

It's silly to say, but I never really thought getting loose skin was possible unless you weighed an extremely dangerous amount. I'm still in the process, but I'm probably going to end up with it when I get down to where I want to be. My Highest was around 225 I'm 5'3, and 19 years old. Now I'm in the 160s. I don't think my mid-section is going to be flat.

The diet & exercise industry you see on TV/magazines/media/etc. does not show that part of weight-loss and it's such an awful misconception.

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8/10/12 4:39 P

Hi WalkingMamma - I'm on the journey to losing over 160 lbs, and loose skin is my biggest dread. I'm so happy to see you and CCKelly3 here, with your photos and comments. It gives me so much encouragement :-)

I'm determined, at age 47, to maintain a health lifestyle - which now includes taking off the weight that has protected and burdened me all my life.

I've added you both as friends, and congratulate you on your perseverance and discipline. Thank you for sharing your stories here. It really does make a difference!


3/9/12 11:49 P

Lakotalady, thank you sooo much for the kind words! emoticon

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3/9/12 11:39 P

sometimes it bothers me more than other times-- the loose skin on the arms is the worst-- I miss short sleeves, especially since so many dresses have them. But oh well, it's still a better option.

LAKOTALADY Posts: 16,672
3/9/12 7:30 P

WALKINGMAMMA, if I looked as good as you do after losing all that, I would never even consider doing anything else. You look marvelous!!

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
3/9/12 2:16 P

i agree jibby - leave your body alone - no more trauma - unless it is as with 600 pound down to 150 pounds and hanging on the ground - then that is a detriment to living
but for a loss of 50 to 100 pounds - wear a girdle, you will never be able to go in a bikini - but being overweight before means you never did anyway.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
3/9/12 11:12 A

I always remember what a woman here on Sparks told me a few years ago as she went from 264# down to 122# as she was only 5'2" and her reply about loose skin was "Wear clothes and cover it up." emoticon

3/8/12 12:06 P

Do you have loose skin after losing ALOT of weight? So do I. Read my blog to see how I am dealing..... emoticon

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