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1/18/12 2:35 P

I don't work at home, but I take online classes when I am not at work, and I can relate. It is much harder for me to regulate myself at home. At work, I pack my own lunch, so I can't eat more than I pack. At home, its much harder for me to do portion control.

ODDLOTS Posts: 213
1/17/12 7:17 P

I actually do better with eating when I'm at home (assuming we've been keeping the pantry stocked with healthy items) since my last office was FULL of fellow southerners bringing ridiculously unhealthy food to work and laying guilt trips on those that didn't partake.

My biggest problem is that I always want to go out to eat after work. I don't have coworkers that I see everyday and I don't often have meetings outside of the home, so when my wife gets off work I want to leave the house ASAP! I tend to get a little stir crazy and more than a little bored. Setting appointments to go to the gym helps, since I get to socialize with my trainer and work out my boredom. Having the trainer also makes sure that I have sufficient motivation to actually leave the home/office and get to the gym! It's a lot harder to rationalize skipping the gym when I have to actually call and cancel a standing appointment.

1/13/12 1:19 P

I do better at home that work because of all the food/candy/peer pressure there but it also hard not to keep going into the kitchen when I am home. My work week is split between home and office but my wife/kids are at home during the day so I will get called out if I keep going into the kitchen :)

FIRE27 Posts: 32
1/13/12 8:08 A

Thanks guys, as great as it sounds (and it is, Im not gloating) it can be difficult. It is hard to stay away from the fridge and grab some leftovers. I do control the junk food. It is hard to travel and eat right I did for many years. The biggest issue is getting out to work out, and getting away from the computer and chair. I can get to the point where I dont leave the house all day unless I go to see a client.

Hopefuly this program will help, my biggest issue is being seated all day and getting out. I have a treadmill and I just need to get the motivation. I do try to eat salad for lunch but its hard to stay away from the junk (nibbling snacks) while at home without purging everything out of the house.

LARSIL Posts: 942
1/6/12 8:39 P

I'd actually like to try working at home -- but making the transition would be financally difficult. I actually would like to be a "house-husband", running the home and making sure the teenagers are where they need to be -- but that isn't a possibility right now. If I ever get the chance to do freelance translation work out of my home, I'll post again and let you know... in the meantime, I'll just cheer for you guys from the sidelines.

---L. emoticon

BOB1216 Posts: 81
1/6/12 11:53 A

I'm like you. I work out of my house and also do all of the shopping and cooking for the family. For me - being at home has made it easier to stay on track. I'm not going out for fast food, eating in cafeterias, or being tempted by food that everybody else brings in to work. And like BREWMASTERBILL said - nobody making fun of me when I try to be healthy. At home I have learned its best to just keep junk out of the house. Don't buy it to begin with. Then no temptation. My biggest issue is motivation to exercise. Rather than stopping by the gym on the way to or from work, now I have to make a decision to leave the house. So I just set a goal like going to the gym X times per week or running X miles per week outside. (I change it regularly just to keep it interesting) Then I don't have to actually decide whether or not to go to the gym or go running every day. The decision is already made.

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1/4/12 9:00 A

Oh man, I envy your situation. Work is full of temptation. Coworkers bring in junk food, coworkers want to go out for junk food every single day. You're mocked when you make healthy suggestions. If I worked at home, I could manage this so much better.

So you do the shopping and the cooking. I guess I'm not really understanding the problem. Where does the temptation come from? Weight loss is all about eating less. Are you tracking calories? Where are you slipping up?

FIRE27 Posts: 32
1/3/12 10:49 A

For those guys who work at home, how do you keep on track? I have gone up and down. It used to be when I traveled I would gain weight but now that I am more at home and sedentary I have gained more weight than I have before. Trying to get back into the routine but it is so hard to stay away from the kitchen. I love to cook, I am the shopper in the family and I usually control what comes in as food. We are not big on prepared foods, I love to cook healthy (except when I BBQ). The summer is easy as it is grilling chicken and veggies. The holidays were killer this year with extra fat. So how do you work at home and keep on a regime?

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