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5/8/12 10:20 A

When on a recipe page, you can click on the button on the right side of the page to add it to your meal planner. You will then select the date and meal that you want to add it to. Once you do that, it will be in your nutrition tracker and should be added to your grocery list there.

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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5/7/12 1:36 P

This is not a reply but I too am having the same problem navigating the sparkrecipes and making grocery lists. I want to add some of the sparkrecipes to the menu but I don't know what to do so the will show in the menu. So far I add the recipes to the menu one item at a time. It is very time consuming. I'm sure there is a better way but I don't know how to do it.

Thank you very much for any help that you can give.

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5/7/12 12:48 P

Hi! I'm having a hard time navigating sparkrecipes. I'm hoping to be able to pick out recipes for the week, and have sparkpeople create a grocery list for me. I just can't figure it out. THANK YOU in advance for your help!

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