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4/29/11 2:06 P

Spaghetti squash isn't for everyone, though. I love vegetables but find it absolutely revolting so I go for whole grain pasta instead and put lots of veg in the sauce.

Last night I had whole grain pasta with marinara sauce and substituted grilled chicken for meatballs.

Forgot to add: Learning what an actual serving size is, and sticking to it, is extremely important.

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SWIRLIE123 Posts: 65
4/28/11 7:02 P

you are gonna love this! try buying a spaghetti squash and using that instead of spaghetti noodles. that way you can make up awesome spaghetti sauce with meat and whatevah and it still tastes awesome! and it is super healthy. emoticon

4/26/11 3:19 P

I often use very lean ground beef, thoroughly drained. (Often the ground turkey has more fat, or additives I don't want.)

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4/26/11 2:53 P

Because I'm new to this, is it wrong to use ground beef? I know I should use ground turkey and will in the future, but right now I still have ground beef in my freezer.

4/22/11 4:32 P

I had whole grain spaghetti twice this week:

Use 1/2 cup portion of cooked pasta add a whole lot of sauteed vegetables to your marinara sauce and cook it down 'til the vegetables are soft, and use more sauce than pasta. My sauce had red chard, beet greens, carrots, multi colored bell peppers, celery, and onions in it. Sometimes I add peas as well.

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4/19/11 10:15 P

I also use the Ronzoni smart taste. Lots of fiber. I don't really like whole wheat, it doesn't satisfy me at all.
Have you also tried shiirataki noodles? They are packed in water in a plastic bag in the produce section. Rinse them first before heating. Either you like them or you don't. I really like them. The whole bag is about 20 - 30 calories, (can't remember)When you put marinara sauce on them, (or my favorite - laughing cow cheese wedge, low fat sour cream, grated parmesan cheese, garlic. YUM!!

DDSMITH66 Posts: 203
4/12/11 8:45 A

I just had spaghetti, but used the smart taste pasta(which I like much better than whole wheat). I also used ragu light, which is really low in calories and put in lots of peppers, onions, garlic and even some carrots and simmered for a while. It was great.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
4/9/11 5:08 P

emoticon emoticon

LMBR72108 Posts: 242
4/8/11 1:56 A

we eat spagetti quite a bite in my family. i just stick to the portion size for the pasta and the sauce. i use whole wheat pasta, and spice up canned sauce. i usually pair it with a salad.

MMCDAN03 Posts: 305
4/3/11 12:59 P

I love spaghetti also and do eat it every other week. I use canned sauce but jazz it up with extra free veggies like peppers, onions, mushrooms, and extra spices like garlic, italian spices, and red pepper flakes.I will add burger or sausage to my family's sauce but keep my portion separate so I can have more sauce for the same calories. I allow myself 3/4 cup pasta, about a cup of sauce, and a huge garden salad. I'm satisfied, stuffed, and still kept my meal under 500 calories.

4/3/11 9:28 A

Have you tried using an ounce or a half ounce and fortifying the portion with low carb, low calorie veggies? I never prepare a whole box for my family of four. Right now we are doing low carb, but before we only used four ounces for a family of four. I never felt deprived and love adding more veggies and sauce.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
4/3/11 6:35 A

I do 1200 calories a day and love spegetti and macaroni but the calorie count is so high i don't eat it . Anyone got a lo-cal recipe or suggestions on portions? I don't like frozen lean cuizine or any of those options ! emoticon

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