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10/27/12 8:12 A

Cut your sodium intake WAY DOWN, and modify your calorie range downward for a few days. You'll wind up losing weight after all. God bless your success on this journey we all share!

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10/26/12 1:52 P

One less than perfect day will not make or break a person's healthy lifestyle. As you correctly noted, today you do your best to eat a little more mindfully.

That must have been some Halloween party !!

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10/26/12 10:52 A

I overate at a halloween party last night, the party included both adults and children so plenty of treats, pizza, wings, mini sandwiches etc. everything finger foods except for veggies or anything on the healthy side..the hostess told me her and most of her friends needed a day off from dieting. I Overate! So I will consider that also as my "day off" and back on track today. Feeling guilty, sluggish from the sweets and fatty foods. Plenty of extra water for me today to flush that junk out of my system!

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