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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
11/22/02 11:03 A

Hey LilWolfe:

After forcing myself for several months to not play the "I blew it so let me multiply that blow by 1000 until Monday gets here" game, I finally developed the habit of not playing that game. I never have figured out why so many of us do it in the first place but it's probably written up in some psychology book somewhere.

I use a lot of exercise videos at home. I am particularly fond of most things produced by The Firm, Karen Voight, Kathy Smith, Cathe Friedrich, and Gin Miller. Go to if you are interested in reading up on reviews of available videos. This site will also direct you to places you can order videos from. A great place to order from is There are video reviews there as well.

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LILWOLFE006 Posts: 2
11/21/02 4:47 P

Wow! That is SO much my train of thought, and I do the same thing. Keep starting over. I do well at breakfast, screw up at lunch, then just say 'Oh well tomorrow I start'. I have started cardio-kickboxing (And god it makes me feel great) but that's just once a week. I like group things, but can't afford a gym or multiple classes. Any suggestions on how to get more exercise in? (It really has helped me not want to binge and snack and 'start over')

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
10/17/02 2:30 P

It's great that you keep starting over. Sometimes, repeated start overs are done because a person is trying to do too much too soon. If this is the case, drop back on your next start-over and see if you can be consistent with only one or a few things.

The thing I do that leads me to screw up and start over and over and over is that I am an experienced player of the "All-Or-Nothing" and the "Monday Start" games:

Failed to do my planned exercise on Tuesday, might as well take the week off and start over again on Monday.

Ate a cookie, might as well eat 10 cookies. Ate 10 cookies, might as well have some nachos. Ate nachos, might as well order the enchiladas instead of the chicken fajita salad. Blew the day, might as well eat what I want until next Monday.

The thing that helped me incredibly with this type of procrastination was my participation in The Exercise Streak Challenge. I start that over and over but I do the start over ASAP rather than wait for Monday. Using to track my food helped me with the All-or-Nothing food thing. Someone handed me a chocolate brownie pie thing from Schlotsky's and I ate it. It had a food label so I entered the info in fitday. I could see then that the one incredibly delicious dessert did not blow my calories or my carbohydrate count for the day so I didn't decide to binge on carbs the rest of the day since I had "already blown it". A carb binge leads to a 2 or 3 day headache, fatigue attack, sugar craving from hell, light headedness due to dropping blood sugar, excessive daytime sleepiness, and body fat gain. This one item didn't affect me in any noticable way and I got right back to my normal eating.

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HOUSEKAT61 Posts: 83
10/17/02 12:34 A

I am having such a hard time staying on track. I was doing great before I went on vaction. I have a problem with self sabatoge and sabatoge by others. I want to lose weight sooooo bad. What is wrong with me . Why cant I stick with the program. I got my diet ( healthy eating) down right. I have a great excersie program and I actually like it I just keep slacking off then starting over then slacking and starting. What can I do? Any suggestions? Cyberia

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