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Have you donated Blood recently?

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Posts: 498
3/26/12 2:26 P

I give platelets this Sat. at 9:30am....

Posts: 560
3/26/12 11:58 A

Yep, just went yesterday! The church by me does blood drives regularly. It's not every 56 days but it's every 3-4 months so at least I remember to go when they have the blood drive. The last time I was "on a diet", I was anemic and couldn't donate. But now with SparkPeople's nutrition tracker I am mostly eating the right amount of nutrients so I guess that's why I've been OK to donate.

SparkPoints: (185,106)
Fitness Minutes: (113,540)
Posts: 12,633
10/2/11 11:07 A


Posts: 1,073
10/2/11 8:51 A

Can I do that? I'm Diabetic! emoticon

SparkPoints: (10,047)
Fitness Minutes: (5,233)
Posts: 620
10/2/11 8:38 A

never...can a diabetic donate blood?

SparkPoints: (1,168)
Fitness Minutes: (1,223)
Posts: 27
10/2/11 8:37 A

Oops, I knew there was something I forgot to do. Usually the Red Cross calls me every 6 weeks, but I changed my phone number when I moved. I have O + blood, and have no problems with needles, etc. So I usually try to donate. Do they weigh people who they think are under 110? I've been asked rather pointedly, but so far no one has taken my weight.

SparkPoints: (35,936)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
10/2/11 8:24 A

Nope, because I bleed alot and it would push me out into a dangerous situation.. I will not have my womb removed just to stop a tiny fiberiod from bleeding and risk getting breast cancer from hormone treatments.. The people in my family whom have rare types of blood donate and use it themselfs if necessary..

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Posts: 900
10/2/11 12:54 A

My iron is always too low to donate every time I try.
I'm also phobic of needles. Like puke/faint phobic.

Posts: 2,525
10/2/11 12:34 A

yes they come to where i work and i donate every time. my grandson was a 26 weel babu 24 years ago and it saved his life. he wasn't making his own blood when he was born. so yes yes yes.

SparkPoints: (69,094)
Fitness Minutes: (37,354)
Posts: 3,783
9/30/11 9:25 P

not recently... must remember to get back with it

Posts: 1,782
9/30/11 9:19 P

I'd gotten out of the habit of doing so but have taken it up again now that I'm once again eligible to do so.

My life was saved by donated blood 15 months ago, which re-awakened my awareness of the need for donations. I do usually feel tired for a day or so afterwards but it's well worth it to know what it brings to others' lives.

Posts: 339
9/30/11 8:35 P

I've donated plasma 2 times every week for almost 2 years. In addition, I used to donate double reds and whole blood, but now just do plasma twice weekly. If it weren't for donors, I would be dead. Forty five whole blood donors and countless plasma donors saved me... as well as my father twice. No way will I not return the favor. I owe those people my life... and my dads too.

Posts: 26,999
9/30/11 8:30 P

I'm not eligible

SparkPoints: (205,434)
Fitness Minutes: (140,680)
Posts: 7,996
9/30/11 8:29 P


Posts: 7,347
9/30/11 8:26 P


SparkPoints: (4,545)
Fitness Minutes: (2,975)
Posts: 218
9/30/11 6:37 P

I had a vaccination a couple of months ago so I should be able to get back to giving. Got popular blood so need to give as much as I can.

Posts: 5,854
9/30/11 6:34 P

nope i can't anymore since i have lyme they don't want it

SparkPoints: (17,374)
Fitness Minutes: (10,346)
Posts: 1,320
9/30/11 6:03 P


SparkPoints: (160,547)
Fitness Minutes: (37,809)
Posts: 26,656
9/30/11 5:59 P

I can't any more; I have cancer and I am on currently on chemo.

SparkPoints: (114,880)
Fitness Minutes: (65,559)
Posts: 6,129
9/30/11 5:24 P

I stopped 3 years ago, when I turned 65.

Posts: 7,588
9/30/11 5:20 P

every 56 days

Posts: 2,277
9/30/11 5:18 P


Posts: 274
9/30/11 4:48 P

no, the last time i did I passed out.

Posts: 5,650
9/30/11 4:46 P

I have asked in the past why don't they hold blood drives at the local tax assessors office. That surely would get more people involved in donating blood.

SparkPoints: (74,773)
Fitness Minutes: (52,676)
Posts: 3,499
9/30/11 4:32 P

I think I can start donating again in 2012. I did some international travel last year that prevents me from being cleared to donate.

Posts: 5,650
9/30/11 4:30 P

I'm donating next week, they can have it all

SparkPoints: (9,588)
Fitness Minutes: (4,469)
Posts: 2,256
9/30/11 4:18 P

Was refused because of the medication I am on.

SparkPoints: (115,175)
Fitness Minutes: (79,419)
Posts: 9,827
9/30/11 4:18 P


SparkPoints: (65,271)
Fitness Minutes: (55,315)
Posts: 3,730
9/30/11 4:16 P

Post cancer and so no one wants my blood and it's too bad since I am a universal donor...I used to donate though.

SparkPoints: (1,433)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 7
9/30/11 12:31 P

I go every 56 days as I am a universal donor... although last time because I exercise ALOT and my blood pressure/pulse was so low they almost didnt' take it... my iron is very high LOVE SPINACH :) - and I can fill the bag in about 5 minutes- drink about a gallon of water every day-

About the calorie burn- it takes your body 53-56 days to "create" the new blood cells so the 650 calories is divided up over the weeks so it really isn't a good calorie burner - if you immediately burned 650 calories there wouldnt be a shortage of blood because everyone would be doing it to lose weight.... :)

that said if thats what you need in order to go donate then so be it!! KEEP DONATING!!! IT SAVES LIVES and you never know when you or a family member might need someone elses donated blood!!

SparkPoints: (36,483)
Fitness Minutes: (20,220)
Posts: 643
9/30/11 12:10 P


Posts: 8,082
9/30/11 12:05 P

Nope can't donate :(

Posts: 4,226
9/30/11 12:04 P

Didn't know about the calorie burning!

But to answer the thread's question, no, I have never given blood. I've been underweight all my life and always below the minimum weight.

Posts: 1,405
9/30/11 12:01 P

I'm scheduled to go in every 8 weeks.

For those that are afraid of needles...I am too. Just don't look at it or the blood and stand up slowly when'll be fine.

Good to know about the calorie burn...but I am pretty sure I eat that many extra calories increasing my blood sugar prior to donating and replacing it afterward. If I don't carb load that day I get light headed and feel weak afterward.

SparkPoints: (2,551)
Fitness Minutes: (450)
Posts: 132
9/30/11 11:55 A

have never tried it

Posts: 5,070
9/30/11 10:43 A

I give every 56 days. My iron count is getting lower though so i may have some issues there. I went RAW so meat is not really in my diet as much. I try to eat lots of Kale and spinach then pair it with some vitamin C like red peppers

SparkPoints: (80,865)
Fitness Minutes: (76,317)
Posts: 5,603
9/30/11 10:37 A

I have donated blood once. I have tried a few times since then, but my iron levels are always slightly too low for donation. My doctor has checked my iron levels several times, and they're within normal, so I'm not too worried about it. I do think that donating blood is a great thing, and crucial to saving lives.

SparkPoints: (4,749)
Fitness Minutes: (1,041)
Posts: 699
9/30/11 10:29 A


I tried it once, never again.

I already hate having blood drawn normally, but those needles are huge.

The practitioners BUTCHERED my arms (both, they messed up on the left, tried the right, couldn't get the blood to flow and nearly hit my artery).

So yeah. No. Never again.

Posts: 10,625
9/30/11 10:28 A

yes, I donated earlier this month.

Posts: 4,158
9/30/11 10:28 A

no I'm so scared of needles. Ain't happening.

Posts: 2,069
9/30/11 10:19 A

no, I have never given blood

Posts: 1,947
9/30/11 10:10 A

I love giving blood and am the universal donor so I try to do it as much as possible. Unfortunately I had a bad experience earlier this year - tried to get my exercise in by jogging to the site and then hadn't eaten enough so I didn't give a full amount.

Now, my blood pressure is super low because of all the exercising I do, so I am afraid to even go and try to give because I'll probably get denied.

SparkPoints: (272,933)
Fitness Minutes: (188,516)
Posts: 20,300
9/30/11 9:50 A

I haven't donated blood in a long time.

SparkPoints: (6,715)
Fitness Minutes: (5,162)
Posts: 487
9/30/11 9:50 A

I've never donated blood...I get lightheaded and exhibit symptoms of shock very easily when needles get involved. Strange to say since I have 3 tattoos and those didn't bother me but piercings, IVs, and blood drawing all send me over the edge.

I'd like to donate blood but I need to get over the worry of fainting first!

Posts: 5,007
9/30/11 9:47 A

no emoticon

SparkPoints: (44,063)
Fitness Minutes: (17,895)
Posts: 1,964
9/30/11 9:44 A


Posts: 549
9/30/11 9:44 A

Nope, but should.

SparkPoints: (13,512)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 763
9/30/11 9:22 A

I would love to donate blood however they won't accept it because I lived in England between 1980 & 1995 due to Mad Cow emoticon

Posts: 325
9/30/11 8:54 A

I haven't in quite some time since I was busy being pregnant and breastfeeding and all. Since I've weaned recently, I think it's time to get back in the habit. Nice to know about the calorie burning....that's my something new for today! Thanks for donating...and for bringing this post up!

Posts: 1,354
9/30/11 8:49 A

I donated blood at my son's school's blood drive, although it was a bit painful (feeling better this morning), it was worth it and he was proud of me. Plus I learned that I burned 650 calories as my body replaces the blood that I gave. How awesome is that?

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