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yes until I plateaued and could not lose any more weight....

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Yes, I did it a few years back and it was great. I think one of the keys though is finding the right instructor. I had an amazing one. Personally I like the point system and their food tracker more so than sparks food tracker. The points was really easy for me to keep track of. I have not tried the new points plus program. I think like anything else it is about finding the program that works best for you and using it to your advantage.

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I used WW back in the early 90's before the point programs. Back then it sort of counted calories but was more focused on balanced eating. In a day you were to eat 5 or 6 servings of protein, so many servings of dairy, so many servings of bread or starch, etc. Pretty much each serving size of any type was 80-90 calories. I did well on this but then I fell off the wagon and went back to my poor eating habits.

Later I went back when they had the points program. That did not work at all. I must have been making bad choices because I was always hungry. I went to meetings but the leader was always changing and none were very good so consequently I stopped going to meetings also. Ultimately it became cost prohibitive to continue paying dues each week.

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no, I haven't

4/20/12 3:18 P

Yes, but it didn't work for me. I never learned good eating habits, so I need a program that tells me what to eat. Now that I've followed the You:Diet, I've learned what I should be eating to be healthy. My issue with WW is that you can eat whatever you want. I could eat 19 points worth of jelly beans. I may lose weight, but I'll feel like crap and I certainly wouldn't be able to maintain that. I learned how and what to eat. I've been much more successful with Dr. Oz.

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4/20/12 3:05 P

So many times I lost count. I will have an initial loss in the first week or so, and then nothing...very typical for me. I would get so frustrated in meetings when people would join after me, and say, "I do 20 minute walks three times a week" etc. and lose weight just fine...and there I was, at the gym every day, working out like crazy, and the scale not budging. I found it frustrating and I felt self conscious, and then, I had to quit to ensure I did not beat myself up or compare to others on their journey. It is easier to be inspired my others on SP, when you are not weighing in front of them each week. I know many people have done well on WW, but it did not work for me.

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4/20/12 2:58 P

yes a long time ago

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I am currently on WW. I did great in the first 3 months. Lost over 30 pounds. Then lost my job and some of my incentive went with it. I am struggling to get back into it. I track my points on WW and also my calories on SP.

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4/20/12 8:43 A

Yes it's what I'm doing now..I don't go to the meetings or pay anything but I have all the materials here at home..I'm getting great results and it's so much easier for me than having to restrict myself on something else..With WW you can eat absolutely anything you want as long as you count your points...I've tried so many other "diets" and I had to either restrict myself from eating carbs or fruits or whatever the diet required that I eliminate from my diet and I always ended up messing up...And cheating on the diet..But now doing this I don't have that problem!..I'm really loving WW! emoticon

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4/20/12 8:19 A

My mom did it a few times, with good results. I did it for maybe 3 months and didn't see much results. I cancelled because, for me, it was expensive. Tracking and practicing non-tracking intuitive eating is working for me.

4/20/12 8:05 A

Yes, and it's similar to what I'm doing now, only I'm not having to pay for what I'm doing now. I'm tracking calories on an app...I have a support group here and one at work that has weekly meetings and weigh ins!

I lost 40 lbs (not my goal weight by any means, but still) on WW and was able to keep it off even after "stopping" the program. It inadvertently taught me how to eat better.

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4/20/12 7:20 A


I have just joined weightwatchers, I think I need the pressure/support of the meetings.

How do you integrate it with spark, they are very different systems?

Also, do you know of an easy to use WW calculator/Tracker. (for Android) I find the tracking quite daunting!

Many thanks!


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2/20/12 7:25 P

Yes I have and it does work IF you commit to it just like anything else. I got tired of counting, weighing, measuring - going to meetings (even though it's great support). Can become costly as well.

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2/20/12 7:15 P

yes- I lost my baby weight after my son was born. It worked well for me then. With the points,tI felt there wasn't enough emphasis on nutrition- then I found spark people and that had everything I wanted.
I havent tried points plus, but I hear it solves the problem I talked about.

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2/20/12 6:49 P

I have mixed feelings about WW.
I lost 17lbs in just 8weeks on the pointsplus program. I loved the support from the group and the weigh-ins made me accountable. It definately was great up until I hit emotional and financial times. I had to stop my membership and tried to do it on my own... But I find it hard to remain consistent. I think its great with the support. Alone it can be done.. its just harder. I think that counting points, measuring food, weighing it, and tracking can grow tiring if you lose that motivation. Thats my personal problem though. It may be a life saver to many that stick to it..with the meeting, online, or alone.

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2/13/12 2:44 A

No I have never tried Weight Watchers Diet Plan. My sister-in-law has though. She likes it.

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2/13/12 2:00 A

Yes, before Spark, WW is the only other weight loss program that I ever did. I think it is something that you can live with and it does not feel like a diet.

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2/13/12 12:46 A

No, but I'd like to try.

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2/13/12 12:41 A


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2/13/12 12:38 A

Yes. A years ago...before the points program.

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2/13/12 12:32 A

Not doing WW, but do purchase their Smart Ones frozen meals to have on hand.

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2/12/12 8:29 A

I did weight watchers years ago before the birth of my 3rd child. I lost 50 pounds, and loved the program. I don't know that I ever consumed a packaged WW product. The great thing is you don't have to, to do the program. I am a scratch cook, and like to keep as many additives out of foods as possible.

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2/12/12 5:25 A

No, but I do eat some of their prepared dinners. They are great!!

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2/12/12 12:41 A

WW Online is working well for me 6 weeks in.

HALFPINT411 Posts: 78
2/11/12 11:48 P

I am doing WW online now but I don't know if I can keep doing it for a long time. I like their previous programs better than Points Plus. I bought a tracker to calculate points so if I cancel my prescription I can do it on my own. It's easy to cancel. You just go to your account and tell them to cancel, but I wouldn't wait until the membership is almost up. I've only tried the 3 month savings plan and always end up canceling well before the prescription is up.

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2/9/12 3:28 P

I did Weight Watchers in the past, and it worked very well for me. It took some time to learn the points for each thing, but once I did it was very easy to remember them. I stopped using it "officially" years ago but have used it in a general way to keep my eating in line for the last few years. For me, keeping track of points was way easier than counting calories. However, I never had Spark People--just discovered this recently!

The one thing about WW--it is great for losing weight, but you have to choose how you use your points. You can fill up on a lot of artificial junk and stay within points, or you can choose good things with your points. So, you can lose weight and still be healthy or unhealthy according to your choices. [They do encourage good choices, but it is up to you.] What I love about SP is that you can see the nutritional count (e.g. vitamins) of what you are eating or lacking--a definite plus.

For example, way back then to stay within points I would sometimes drink diet soda or eat processed foods and bars or make fat free microwave popcorn my dinner--things I would never dream of eating/doing now. When I started using my points more rationally and in keeping with general nutrition rules, I felt a lot better. I think if you do SP or WW, the key is to eat good foods (i.e. natural more than artificial, fruits, veggies, good fats etc.) with your points, so that you are both thin AND healthy.

P.S. In short, I am a fan of WW but not their fake foods. Artificial preservatives in excess can harm in other ways than fat. (That goes for all of them, not specifically WW over others).

2/9/12 1:50 P

Yes. I'm a life time member. Earned that distinction back in the late 80's but didn't stick with the program like I should have. But now.... emoticon

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
2/9/12 1:48 P

I did WW three times. 2001-2003, 2008, and 2009 both online and meetings. What dismayed me about WW was their selling their food products and the leaders pushed them. Plus every year or couple of months, another new program replaced the method I was following. Forget it!

I like counting calores better than points. I can eat more. When I was a member, counting calories was not a part of the program then.

It is easy to cancel the membership. Just realize that if you do, you probably will not get that $39 back if you cancel just after they charge your card.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/9/12 12:24 P

Nothing is better than others- different systems that all need 3 things will power, organisation and dedication.. Doesn't matter what plan we use- it is following instructions that counts and how well people understand the rules..

I can pick many things that are confusing about sparkspeople.. But free is hard to knock- I take it bugs and all..

I did about 6 years on weight watchers-the frozen meals are a now and again break from making real food- they where never designed to eat day in or out this was explained to me at the leader meetings..

I couldn't be bothered using my free time to became a leader- been at it almost a decade.. The concept I use now- never made use of my talents to keep maintenance.. So I do my own thing now..
I am into plate construction what has to be on my plate- I weigh and measure and write up what I eat.. I have things that have to be on my plate daily come hell and high water..

Calorie counting and points systems is also dangerous people fill up their nutrition pages with crap and don't have a clue what should be actually on their plate..

Edited by: REDSHOES2011 at: 2/9/2012 (12:34)
YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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2/9/12 12:06 P

First of all, if you're looking to do something online only then Sparkpeople is the place to's free and 100% better than WW online.

Here's my story: I am a WW member (4.5 years) (Lifetime status) I go to weekly meetings and weigh ins. The weekly weigh in keeps me accountable just knowing that I have to get on the scales. We have a great leader who gets everyone pumped up every week and I like the discussions among our group.
I do not (nor have I ever) followed the Points system. I'm a calorie counter all the way!

Also, the WW frozen meals are not part of their can eat whatever you want as long as you stay with in your points....the idea is that you will spend your points wisely on healthy food...same as if you were counting calories.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/9/12 11:42 A

I played around with WW points a few years ago when my sister-in-law, who was currently living with us, was doing it. I never used the website or attended any meetings, so I can't speak for that, but I know that I wasn't a fan of using points. It's the same thing as counting calories/macronutrients, but even more complicated (since you have to either look up the points, just like calories, or take the extra step of converting calories/macronutrients to points).

To put things in perspective, I also lost 12 pounds in my first month of counting calories and I'm not even particularly large, so that kind of loss isn't WW-specific. You can lose weight with WW, with SP or with any other plan you like, if you stick with it. :)

2/9/12 11:36 A

I only can talk about the german WWs. I join the group for one year now an I have lost about 30 pounds. For me it is much easier to count points than counting calories. And the youngest innovation is, that you have a list of food you are allowed to eat without any only have to stop when you are satisfied and you shouldn´t overeat. Every day you can choose the option counting oder not counting. First I was afraid because I have problems with portion control (I love spaghetti!!!). But now after neary two weeks completly without any counted point and two pounds lost.... I like it.

Sorry for maybe mistakes, my english is not so good. I am german, I live in Germany but we often spend vacation in the USA.

Greetings from cold Germany

2/9/12 11:17 A

I tried Weight Watchers in the 80s. The point system can seem overwhelming at first, but it's easy to catch on. It worked well, too. There was no online system at that time so I can't speak to that question.

2/9/12 10:12 A

My daughter has recently joined WW and in one month lost 12# which I thought was great. Have any you tried it? All those points confuse me a bit and I never cared for the WW frozen meals. I also don't like the fact that on line they deduct that money from your credit card automatically each month. How easy is it to cancel?

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