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5/17/11 10:46 A

Hey, do what you can when you can and at the end of the day you will know you did your best regardless of the comments of others. Hang in there and don't give up. I have started and stopped too many times and do not plan to go that way again (better yet I will not go that way again)!

5/10/11 4:49 P

Yes, attitude is the major part. Frustration comes from the illnesses and pain, but I never stop going. Yesterday, 3 of my grandchildren were here and we played outside over 30 minutes. I had my heart racing before I realized it! So, maybe I can play away some of this fat! ha
I hope my new Spark friends will see that I have good days and bad days. I hope I can say what I'm feeling without anyone saying I "need" to do this or that. My pain is debilitating at times. I'm better now because of a nerve block done and cortisone shot (which in itself is a menace to losing weight). I gained due to medicines and cortisone. I weighed 120 or under for all my 1st 45 years. It has increased and decreased during my sickness and 5 or more surgeries. Not giving up though. That's why I'm so happy I found this page. I will put a pic of me when my grandson was a baby 6 yrs ago. I love that photo of him and me!
Hope everyone has a super day!

7356WILMA Posts: 669
5/10/11 1:13 P

I agree with the last statement. It is a decision that you make and the journey can be wonderful and difficult at the same time. We can help lift you up when you fall. You can do it!!! I know the pain isn't fun I'm there with you but as the weight comes off it helps so much!!

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5/8/11 1:15 P

If you are here for a "quick fix" I am pretty sure the answer won't be found at Sparkpeople. If you can begin with the concept that whatever I do today is a positive step in the rest of my life. This is a plan to get you healthy while living your life. There are goals to meet and steps to take and times to get behind and times to catch up but there is no arrival point. No one gets to step back and look for more than one day at a time. Good health is something to be worked on for every day of your life. The "thinnest, healthiest, happiest, most outgoing...." have days when they struggle to keep their good health.

We are all here together, keep showing up, keep logging, keep doing whatever you can to get healthy and it will become a good habit. Everyone here has had excuses for why they were the way they used to be. Good Luck we are pulling for you

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5/8/11 8:45 A

Sorry you are having trouble. Chronic pain is so hard to deal with. The encouragement I want to give you is to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Don't be so hard on yourself when you fall. Just try as much as you can, because every little change adds up. The site has great resources for you and just reading the items about rheumatoid arthritis, etc, may help you too. I want to be around for my grandchildren and to enjoy life, that's what inspires me. What are your inspirations and goal?

5/8/11 7:50 A

I'm excited about this site, but at the same time I'm frustrated. I find I'm eating from emotional upset ( have Fibro,Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis and will have to have knee surgery, possibly neck surgery). I've had so many surgeries, and gained too much. I've always put too much pressure on myself, but this is ridiculous! I have many illnesses and makes it hard to do any exercise. Swimming is my only option ( so all the specialist have told me). Praise God the hospital I go to is now building a swimming pool for physical therapy. They should go ahead and sign me up as a life member- ha!
I've started signing in off and on, tracking food off and on. I've not been consistent. Please if anyone can give me some positive feedback to help me get stronger. I'm supposed to weigh 125, so I have 50 lbs to lose.
I plan to try doing upper body exercises to strengthen my arms.

Well, after my yell for help, I do hope every mother out there has a WONDERFUL mother's day.

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