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3/1/12 11:07 P

Nutrition is 80% of this journey- even if I body build to enhance my muscle mass- my eating has to be very lean..

Also weight loss is one phase- calorie restriction and more cardio + weights
Building muscle another eat more, reduce the cardio and more weight training going progressively heavier..

I am naturally heavy set because my body has adapted to carrying 176lbs of extra me- I can't lift that sort of weight without my previous aches and pains returning instantly.. But what I can do is train with dedication really long haul and through taking photos see change how my muscles look and sit..
my first photo is from 2004 and my others are over the period of time until now..
I never was a little lady

or will I ever be..

2 kids (well adult teenagers and my body is gearing up for old age just turned 47)

I eat lean food, walk at least 5 kms daily and weight train "3" times a week and thats it!

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3/1/12 11:05 P

I lose my weight from the top down...face, arms, boob, tummy, etc.....

I have always heard that great abs start in the kitchen and cardio is the key.

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3/1/12 10:38 P

It's your mom's fault. ;)

No, seriously!

Where you lose weight is determined by your genetics. There's no way to spot reduce any part of your body. As you lose weight, you'll lose weight gradually all over... and eventually, you'll get those trouble zones. Just keep doing cardio and eating right (especially eating right... great abs are made in the gym, but REVEALED in the kitchen) and you'll eventually see it.

I'm right where you are. I have fat mainly in my belly; I'm developing great tone in my arms and thighs, and I KNOW I have a six pack... it's just hidden by the keg.

It will get there. I AM losing inches (two down!) so it's working, just slowly.

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3/1/12 10:05 P

I've seen some amazing results in my arms, they aren't where I wantt them yet completely but they are getting there. But I can't seem to get anything done with my abs and thighs. I am finally feeling muscle under all this fat left over from the babies, but I can't get it to go away! And my thighs don't seem to be toning up at all either. I really need to work on my diet, and I'm trying. I stay in my caloric range, but still feel like I'm eating all the wrong nasty foods, even though in reality they may not be that bad. For bfast I have egg whites and honey oat toast, for lunch I'll have a tuna salad or fish and for dinner I'll do some sort of meat, with veggies. At night I snack and I try to keep that healthy as well like almonds or a fruit. I am doing Jaime Eason's Livefit trainer which is all about building muscle and burning fat. So what am I doing wrong? Why aren't my thighs and stomach toning up? Any tips? Suggestions? Anything you can offer me would be helpful! Thanks

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