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The values in the database are for cooked items, unless otherwise stated. So, you would need to use the amount of lentils that a 1 lb bag of dried lentils would be after being cooked and use that amount to calculate your recipe.

As for deleting saved recipes, if it is a recipe that you entered, you can go to your recipe box on and click the delete button next to that recipe. If it is a recipe that you have saved as a favorite, go to your recipe box and scroll down the page to your Favorite Recipes section and click on the button there to remove it. If it is a recipe that you have reviewed (rated and/or commented on), you would need to go to your recipe page and scroll down the page to the Reviewed Recipes section and clear your rating and delete your comment for that recipe.

Hope that helps!

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I have a recipe that I make with a 1-lb bag of dried lentils. It starts basically with one pound of dry lentils, six cups of water, two onions, a ton of garlic, and 1-2 tablespoons of butter to sautee the onions in. I put everything into the recipe guide and it calculates it such that a quarter of the entire recipe (a very large pot) is around 300 calories. Considering how much food it is, I can't believe that this is accurate, and I'm wondering if the database is only listing cooked lentils. Since dry lentils aren't in the database, how do I fix that so that the recipe is accurately reflecting the calorie content of the food?

(Also, how do you delete saved recipes?)

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