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5/31/12 11:41 A

Hey PUFFINTOAD! Hope you've had a few good weeks...I was just gonna let you know I did a blog entry about Memphis in May. It's not fabulous, but it's there. And you should totally read it...and then tell me what I left out. ~and i say that becuse I just realized that I didn't talk about the smells, or the atmosphere...agh! Maybe I should make another about Memphis then do the below...let me know what you think.
Up next, an entry about judging a wing and drink competition over my birthday, errr Memorial Day weekend. So fun. And such a new guilty pleasure!

5/16/12 4:57 P

Please do! Oh, I wish I could go! I live in small-town Alaska, but I was born and raised in Tulsa, and BBQ is a passion of mine. I get to go to KC about twice a year, and I sample all the best when I'm there; I even have a Z-man t-shirt from Oklahoma Joe's. Ahh, and the ribs... :) Oh, but my gut pays dearly for such diversions. That's why I advised to weigh the price of the splurge. Some things are worth it, and some things aren't. I would pay a high, high price for the perfect BBQ ribs. :)

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5/16/12 4:41 P

PSPS...I plan to try to blog about it, but we'll see!
Maybe since I'm thinking about it now, I will have a good plan ahead of me and will take the appropriate pictures! Because the pictures make it SOOOOOoooooooo much more fun! As does the people watching, but that's a TOTALLY different story!

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5/16/12 4:40 P

PUFFINTOAD - Thank you so much! THAT is an excellent way to think of it - my job!
And trust me...this is not my first "rodeo"...I KNOW that I cannot say no the entire weekend to every morsel offered. It's just too tasty and it's considered research! And too much of an art form not to try!
But by the end of the weekend, I want nothing to do with anything that has been on, near or in a grill or smoker! And pork...umm, uh-uh, no way, no thank you! It is truly an overload. So that being said, I know next week will be a breeze - salads, tuna and fresh veggies here I come!!!
Thanks again! I think that may the PUSH that I needed!
PS...I also have my handy mobile app for tracking!!!

5/16/12 4:23 P

If you truly do want to stay committed to your weight loss plan, and you don't think you'll regret all that amazing barbecue, then just look at it as a job, and simply don't give yourself permission to do anything different than you normally do.

I'm a professional baker at a summer camp, and I spend all day working with two ingredients I've decided to abstain from eating: white flour and sugar. I have to take a different mental approach when I enter the kitchen, focusing on the fact that I am there to work, not eat, and the only times I taste are to check a product, and most of the time I spit it out afterward. If you are on a team, you are there to cook, not to eat the food. If you choose to eat something, decide before hand what it will be and how much, then designate a specific time to sit down and eat it. Do not eat while working. Only eat what you have decided beforehand what is worth it. If I cave during a moment of weakness, I usually fly off the handle and eat 'till I puke.

Personally, if I were in your shoes, I would kick myself for not eating the world's best barbecue when I had the opportunity. I'd schedule some into my calorie/workout plan and enjoy a little guilt-free magic. Good barbecue is truly a work of art to be appreciated.

Good luck, and I'm dying to know how it all goes! You should write a blog about your adventure when you get a chance, too!

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5/16/12 3:53 P

I am heading to Memphis for the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking competition...and it's not for the food. I'm on one of the teams. Space is limited and food is everywhere...literally. Any suggestions for keeping my calories in check?

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