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Hang there. The odds are that he's not suffering from cancer, and if he is... with our medical knowledge and technological advancements, the prognosis for the vast majority of cancer patients is really good. MY mom is currently (As in, literally right this moment) undergoing chemo. It's scary, it's tough, but it's SURVIVABLE. Cancer is NOT a death sentence. It's a bump in the road... nothing more.

You can do this, and you will. He needs you to be there for him, and don't let him chase you away. Some men have the same tendency as cats; they want to push away the ones they need the most.

Don't let him. ;)

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My fiance' is going in for some tests in the next two weeks or so. He won't come right out and say it but I believe he thinks he has cancer as the symptom he has is how his mom's cancer started. Anyone who could put us on their prayer list would be much appreciated. He stated last weekend that he won't "put me thru watching him die" but we truly won't know what we are dealing with til after the tests. The waiting is SO HARD - - wish the time would go faster and we would have a clear idea of what's going on. We either can't sleep or eat or go the opposite and overdo both. Trying my best to remain positive but it's tough right now.

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