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3/28/12 10:21 P

Thank you SO MUCH, sweet Heather. Your words are balm to my soul. I am going to pick myself up off the floor and begin anew. I guess I already have: for dinner, I just had a big salad with tons of fresh veggies-- it was so good! And I got all my water in today, and I even did 30 min. of aerobics; so I realize, all is not lost! SO... thanks for helping me to stop freaking out!!! Tomorrow is a new day! emoticon

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3/28/12 8:45 P

Believe me... you haven't undone anything. You ha a bad moment, and that moment is past. DOn't beat yourself up over it... just resolve to make your next decision a healthy one!

Yesterday, I had a similarly bad day. I ate THREE donuts, AFTER already going over my calorie limit! I splurged on a lot of things.

But you know what I did today? I noshed on veggies all day. I drank a LOT of water. I made a healthy dinner and ate whole wheat pasta, and have stuck within my calorie range all day.

You are NOT a loser... you're like a runner who stumbles. You can fall down and give up, and never finish the race, or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to the race.

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3/28/12 7:40 P

I was doing SO well-- haven't binged in a month-- I even blogged about overcoming a major temptation only yesterday! Then I got SO stressed out this afternoon (long story) and just forgot about all my coping helps-- everything that I know can help in moments of temptation, I just threw out the window! I didn't even think to PRAY for crying out loud. Long story short: I downed almost an entire bag of Trader Joe's Plantain Chips, among other things, only stopping when I finally felt sick to my stomach. I'm *so* bummed, and I feel like such a loser, and like all my recent hard work was for naught. emoticon

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