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6/16/13 4:52 P

I love Spark teams, but I limit the number I join due to computer usage time. I can say that one thing that takes them "away" from a community feeling is when it gets too large. A smaller spark team is most definitely more intimate, so you can actually get to know people.

It's a tough one, because people often come and go, and I don't know if you can limit the number of members, but I can only speak to my experience.

Best to you and kudos for trying to make another positive thing happen on SparkPeople!!!

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6/16/13 4:21 P

Hi everyone I wanted to make a spark team into a real community. I'm the new leader of
and I was wondering how everyone feels about spark teams. What do you think prevents them from having a community-like feel. I want a place to share and give advice while receiving advice and getting to know others. I feel like we are stronger as a community rather than being alone in this journey. So please any tips or suggestions would help greatly!!

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