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6/11/12 11:24 P

I think I'm going to try a couple things. I like the idea of substituting the veggie chips. I also like the idea of going to bed earlier. After reading the articles, I realize I eat because I'm bored and tired. So, while I'm awake at night, I'm going to try to keep my hands busy, like working on a knitting project. I also liked the idea of making it an evening relaxing exercise time, so I might do some Yoga videos. It's still going to be a struggle because it is such a habit to lay on the couch late at night with some chips, crackers, or a bag of pop corn. Thankfully, I don't have the problem with waking up I the middle of the night to get something to eat. Once I go to sleep, I sleep well until morning, except I rare occasions when I have too much on my mind, then I just toss and turn until I fall asleep. But, it's in that time before I go to sleep...usually between 8 & 10pm that's the mot difficult. Like right now it's 11:20 and I've been thinking about how I want some Ramen Noodles, but as soon as I post this, I'm going to bed. Because I really really don't need Ramen Noodles.

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6/11/12 12:22 P

You could also make a healthy, balanced dinner, and eat half of it at dinnertime (maybe 7?), and save the other half in the fridge and re-heat that when your midnight cravings kick in.

I'd second what that person said about not letting yourself eat while watching TV.

Another option is going to bed earlier.

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6/11/12 9:54 A

Me too, and it definitely adds another challenge to the equation. However, SP teaches us that the foods you eat a night are no more likely to turn into fat than what we eat any other time of day, so plan in some evening snacks for yourself... within your daily calorie, protein, fat and carbs ranges. I always have something to eat before I go to bed because otherwise I'll wake up in the middle of the night and snack on things I shouldn't eat.

Works for me; hope this helps.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
6/11/12 9:37 A

In addition to some of the great tips you already received, you may find some additional information you find helpful in this article.

Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?
Cues to Eating and How to Control Them

You might also find this one helpful as well.

10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry
And What You Can Do About It!

Coach Tanya

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
6/10/12 10:43 A

plan a night snack into your day. this makes sure you aren't trying to do something like making your body fast for 13 hours a day [if you're eating dinner at six pm and breakfast isn't til 7am for example]. if this is still a problem you may want to look into not being quite so strict during the day, as sometimes doing well during the day really means eating too little and priming yourself for snacking too much in the evening because your body really needs more food.
if you love chips then make your own. a lot of people swear by kale and you should seek out those people for recipes and how tos. but any root veggie [carrots, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, summer squash] can easily be sliced thinly, tossed with a bit of olive oil [as in a teaspoon per large veg], seasoned and baked, turning once until they're as crispy as you like them. thus you're getting veggies and chips at the same time. and you may want to consider dipping them in hummus to add a little more protein to your snack. and a large zucchini has 50 cals, a teaspoon of olive oil has 40 cals and that's a lot of snack for 90 cals. popcorn could also be great for you. if you air pop, 1/4 cup of kernels turns into about five cups popped and is only about 150 cals.
if you're trying to make subs, fruit for chips is a poor sub. in other words, chips are crunchy and crispy and salty. fruit is soft and sweet. if you want something crispy, berries alone are not going to hit that spot. if you wanted ice cream, blending up a frozen banana and some berries would be a good sub. but you have to match to help curb the craving. wasa crackers and cheese might work for you, or rice cakes and nut butter. but if you have the salty, crispy, crunchy craving, you need to make sure that what you're trying to swap it for is crispy, salty, crunchy.

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6/10/12 10:35 A

Late night eating while relaxing was a huge problem of mine for a long time. You can't possibly lose fat with that kind of habit. You will have to change that. To do so, I started to go to bed at around 10:30pm precisely when I used to get the cravings. After a month, the habit was gone completely. Now occasionally I snack at night, especially after a 10k run from 20:00 to 21:00, but the reason is very different this time: I get genuinely hungry instead of eating for comfort.

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
6/9/12 10:51 P


If you are looking for crunchy, try celery or carrots. If you are looking for potatoes, make a baked potato, smashed potato, hash browns, etc. Start moving away from convenience foods to something freshly made. It will taste better and reflexive eating will be reduced.

Second, make a "rule" that you only eat at the table when you are focusing on eating only. No TV, reading, etc. Maybe just some good conversation. That should help you notice hwne you are feeling satisfied.


6/9/12 10:40 P

Have you tried to have some protein? I like a hard boiled egg at night. If you still want something salty and crunchy you could get one of those 100 calorie packs of popcorn.

AKIRE0037 Posts: 12
6/9/12 9:18 P

I've pretty much have targeted my weight gain down fall...and it's definitely that I'm a late night Snacker. Ive taught myself to stop at meals when I'm full and be, ok, with throwing away food. This is a habit I had to teach myself as I came from a family where you were told to clean your plate. I've learned it's best not to tell children to do that, and just allow them to stop when they say they are finished. But, I have not found the key to my late night snacking habits. This problem is two fold because it's crunchy salty foods that I like to eat at night (ie. chips). I've tried to keep fresh cut fruit and whole fresh fruit available for my late night snacking, but I find this leaves me unsatisfied. I feel like if I can gain control over this area of my life and stop the late night cravings that I will have unveiled weight loss success. Any ideas or suggestions?

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