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7/4/12 10:37 P

Congrats, great job - time for a post on the who-hoo board :-)

7/4/12 10:32 P

I just want to thank you folks who reached out to me tonight. I feel great about myself, and I went back to have a wonderful time at the party without overindulging. I had a freak-out moment, and y'all were there to help me. Thanks a billion!

7/4/12 10:30 P

I did track what I ate. I sat down here and wrote down the foods and drinks I had, and then went back with the knowledge of where I'd eaten my quota and where I still had some room (and need) to consume. I'm still shy on calories and carbs for the day, but at my fat, sodium and cholesterol limits.

But for non-food aspects of the party. I kept that in mind. I say down near people, got into a conversation, and just had a great time. I forgot all about food!

7/4/12 10:27 P

I did end up going back and enjoying myself. I had some dry veggies, and a small slice of cake (which I shared with my partner). I know I went slightly over with the fat and sodium today.. but when I released myself from feeling like a loser for having a bite or two (literally) of cake, I could get back into enjoying myself and not hating my diet. :)

7/4/12 10:25 P

I went back to the party because I did not want to have left "because of my diet." While i was there, i snacked on some veggies, and had a small piece of very festive cake that one of the girls had brought. I then sat down with some other folks and got into a conversation, and never had to think about food again!

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7/4/12 9:27 P

I feel the same way! I was just at a fourth of july party, and they had banana cream pie and razzleberry pie, cobbler, ice cream, cookies....oh my god it all looks so good! I WANT IT SO BAD! But which do I want be skinny and healthy and feel better about myself, or to eat something delicious. I don't know how to resist. I am proud of myself for only eating a few meat things, a quinoa salad I brought, and some cherries. But I had to leave the party early or I would have ate the desserts. Now I'm home alone and there's brownies on the counter. I could easily eat them...what should I do?

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7/4/12 9:14 P

One of the things I absolutely loved about Spark was reading that Spark isn't about deprivation; it's about moderation and portion control.

Recalling Archi's numerous missives about this just enabled me to RELAX and say to myself that I can live like a normal person and enjoy some 'goodies' without behaving like an inmate w/ his last supper! There are miles of distance between the two trains of thought and that really defines the difference, to me, between "diet" and "lifestyle."

If it were me, I'd go ahead and enjoy myself - give myself permission - and then NOT flip out about it later tonight or tomorrow and think, "Well...I already had X so I might as well have Y, Z, A, B and C!" That silly thinking got me here in the first place!! That is also what "dieters" tend to do if they feel too deprived.

Practice enjoying yourself like a sane, normal person. Not a maniac who fears she may never see a cupcake again. Learning to actually do this takes practice. But that's what we're all here for - to learn new good habits we can ultimately live with forever.

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7/4/12 9:00 P

Great that you found the time to reach out and that you resisted so far!
That's real willpower right there.
You could decide that you're going to go a bit over today because it's a holiday and then pick yourself up tomorrow - it's all about the long haul. As long as you keep tracking what you eat, you haven't lost control.
OR you could stick to your plan and keep reminding yourself how great you feel tomorrow morning about overcoming such a major temptation.
Regarding your concerns about having to track everything - yes, it's annoying, but so is feeling bad about your weight and having the associated health concerns. It's a trade off ... AND in the long run, your new eating habits will eventually become more like second nature.

Good luck and no matter what you decide - enjoy the non-food aspects of your party!

7/4/12 8:45 P

It's a 4th of July party and I'm the only one not eating. It all looks so good, but I've already had dinner. I snuck away to write this and to do my numbers to see if there's anything else than I can afford to eat, but I don't want to live like this--crunching numbers to see if i can still afford to snack. It feels like cheating. What can I do?

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