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8/23/12 2:42 P

My husband and I were married two months ago, we did a 3 tier square cake that was marble (chocolate and white swirled together) since we just couldn't choose. It was also the typical butter-cream frosting. Now obviously I may be a little bias but we thought ours was great tasting, and got a lot of compliments on it. Also instead of favors I went to my local store and bought a couple of bags of Hersey's Hugs and Hersey's Kisses and randomly put them down the center of the table. This is something that is very common in my area and its nice that as you are sitting there you can munch on chocolate. I also made sure to purchase dark choc and those with nuts. Everyone loved it. Personally I thought it was nice to have some dark choc to go with the red wine that was served. Good Luck to you and your soon to be husband, make sure to step back for a moment and take in the day it goes so fast.

8/23/12 9:19 A

cool idea lil!

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8/22/12 9:12 P

One neat idea (which I feel I can't repeat because my maid of honor did it) is to to have a different cake at each table - as the centerpiece. Maybe you guys could do pies instead of cakes?

For our wedding, I would like to make a donation to a charity and then place a card at each table saying, "In lieu of favors, a donation has been made to ____ in your name."

8/21/12 8:29 A

have y'all seen the favors that have the bride and grooms name and come with seeds for a tree or herbs? love these

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8/20/12 9:19 A

Well, I had to go and look up what koozies are (forgive me, I'm German and although a pride myself on knowing quite a lot of 'uncommon' expressions and words koozies wasn't one of them).
My cousin did a tombola for her wedding, they had some prizes like moving the lawn, washing the car or 1 day of baby-sitting and then one big prize, in their case it was a 150 euros donation to a charity of the winners choosing; I quite liked this as little 'gifts', and it could basically come out about the same financially as giving each guest a small present.
Regarding your cake: I have never really understood the whole tiered wedding extravaganza that seems to be made of some kind of sponge-cake and a ton of icing and even more food-colouring (which to me never sounded that tasty), why not have a number of different cakes, or sort of a 'variation on the theme' with lots of different cheese-cakes and have a small one for the 'cutting-ceremony'?

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8/13/12 12:17 P

I would say to have different flavors of cheesecake.

I think food favors are always a good option. I don't like the koozies. I will leave it at that as I don't have anything nice to say about Koozies.

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8/13/12 9:30 A

If your fiance doesn't like cake, why not skip it altogether? I've seen pies done at a reception where the groom didn't like cake and it was awesome! You can still do the traditional 'cutting' with a pie too. Or you could do a variety of desserts and have some cakes and maybe a couple of cheesecakes or something. We thought about doing a cookie buffet because my fiance loves italian cookies, but it turns out we both also love cake too and since his brother and father is making the dessert, a few different cakes was easier than a whole lot of cookies :)

For favors, maybe think of something you and your fiance like to do. We're giving everyone lego bricks, one of my friends gave out stargazer charts because they're both really into astronomy. Maybe you could give out a little packet of seeds, or your favorite type of coffee or tea, or a little potted herb. One of my friends told me they went to a wedding where the couple made bookmarks embedded with wild flower seeds so if you didn't want the bookmark, you just planted it and it grew flowers. I don't know how hard that would be to make though.

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8/9/12 4:35 P

If you end up with regular cake too, one thing we did to save money was not getting a tiered cake. We had a 9 inch single tier cake for my husband & I to cut. Otherwise the rest were sheet cakes and weren't displayed. We had cake for 250 people and it cost us less than a 3-tiered cake that only fed 100.

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8/9/12 9:24 A

Thats actually a great idea.. I also thought about just doing a really small 2 tier cake.

and I agree about the favor thing- a lot of people around here do Koozies but we feel they are over done and we are going to do them for our bachelorette and bachelor parties so we dont want to do those. I am leaning towards and all white candy bar

8/9/12 8:00 A

you can make the top tier an ice cream cake and the rest regular cake. people can take it home

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8/8/12 10:35 A

If you don't know whether the reception hall has freezer space for an ice cream cake, ask them. Then you know and can make any additional decisions from there. You could do cheesecake instead of cake as well; you just need to ask the reception hall about room for keeping those things cool, and do some research about bakeries in your area that would do that and how much it would cost. Google is your friend when planning a wedding.

Favors is a tough one because I'm of the camp that if it's not food, people usually don't take it or don't do anything with it. My husband and I made little cookies for it and made cute stickers that said "Thanks for supporting us". I think food is always the best way to go on favors, truffles, mini candy there any treat your region is famous for?

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8/8/12 9:46 A

We dont know what we want to do for Cake and for our Favors.

I honestly do not care if we do a 3 tiered cake or not. My Fiance' is not a cake person, he does like cheese cake and Ice Cream Cake.

Our original Idea was to do Ice Cream Cake but we think its going to be too much and we dont know if the reception hall has that much freezer space. So now we dont know what we should do.. I suggested cupcakes and he wasnt thrilled with that idea either.

Also we have no clue what to do for a favor for around $1.25 a person. We were thinking about a candy bar

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