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4/8/13 12:33 A

One of the reasons you are trying lose weight is to be healthy. Your weight loss journey took a detour to work on that goal. Remember to love your body even now. It works hard for you & deserves to be loved & cared for. You can do this! emoticon

BECKYBECKY1954 Posts: 66
4/7/13 12:22 P

Oh, my sympathy to you, I can understand why you're discouraged.

Water weight from IV fluids will come off fast.

Remember, you are developing an eating plan and exercise plan that you can follow for the rest of your life. Your hospital stay was brief, and now you can start again where you are.

4/7/13 10:38 A

I was in the hospital for 4 days. I had to have a lot of IV fluids. I couldn't move around hardly any. I weighed today and I weigh 264. I was at 256. Kind of puts a speed bump to my motivation. I know i can lose those pounds again, but it seems like the work I've done is gone. emoticon

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