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While "stopping losing" can only be certain if there is no fat loss over a period of 2 months or more, the way to find it out is monitoring your body fat % (by skin calipers). This number also gives the information about what kind of training and diet you must follow to get to the desired body fat %. It may be that you are already at a normal body fat %, and if you wanted to go still lower, you would need more drastic measures like those of body builders. Most people would not want to take such measures, except competitive body builders.

It may also be due to a much simpler problem: That your caloric deficiency is not as large because you got used to your exercises. To keep losing, you would need to overhaul your entire exercise regimen, choosing exercises that you have never done. For example, if you are a steady, long distance runner, and never actually sprint, you might have to take up HIIT. Or if you have been into HIIT, you might want to introduce long distance running. If you are not doing any heavy lifting, you might want to introduce that too.

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You could increase the duration, intensity or type of cardio you do.

You could try calorie cycling. Either within your range in a pyramid or 3-1 where you eat 3 days -20% TDEE and 1 day at maintenance.

If you normally eat on the lower end of your range, try raising your calories about by about 200-300 a day.

Make sure you're still measuring and tracking everything correctly.

3/28/13 11:08 A advice would be to mix things up a little, but without knowing what kind of exercise you do and not being able to see your nutrition tracker, I can't give very specific suggestions.

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If you can provide some additional details, hopefully we can help. Are you tracking all of your food? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume? What kind of exercise are you doing?

Have you had your body fat tested to know how close you are to the healthy range? What is your height and current weight?


Coach Jen

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ten pounds left and I have stopped losing. Any ideas?

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